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February 2018
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February 3, 2018

Some of Ella’s Adventures with Family

Thank you all for helping me raise and influence this little human.

(And also thank you for sharing these pictures with me.)

Nature Hikes with Grandpa Sanders

Crafts, Big Big Bows, and Chuck E Cheese with Grandma Sanders

Bathtime Toys, Cute Hairstyles, and Movie n’ Snug Time with Grandma and Grandpa Martin

Doggy Time and Noms with Uncle Matt and Aunt Alexz


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Drinks with Sandie in WV

Just before New Year’s Eve Mom treated Ella to Paw Patrol Live at The Ohio Theater.

It was actually a lot of fun seeing Ella have an absolute ball. I’m grateful for the experience. Thanks, Mom!

Ella made friends with the neighbor boy

and asked the lady sitting beside me to share her Twizzlers… which she was happy to do!

Then, on Mom’s birthday we went to the Trampoline Park in Hilliard and had a blast. It actually felt pretty nostalgic getting back on a big trampoline for the first time since the one we had as kids.

I forget what those tears were for… maybe because she kept getting kicked out of the ‘big kid’ side of the park and I made her go to the ‘little kid’ area.

We also went to Kyoto Hibachi Grill and saw the movie The Post afterward.

Anyway, I had a good time celebrating your birthday, Ma! Thanks for spoiling my kids, taking an active interest in their lives, making memories with us and everything else you do! I love you!

New Outfits with Sandie in WV



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