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Appreciation Project. WhatWhat

August 24, 2010
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I LOVE making sure I appreciate something every day.  This has been a fantastic project.  But it will be good to get back to my regularly scheduled program next year… when I just journal about whatever I feel like WHENever I feel like.  I love you, Appreciation Project.

August 19 AP 231– Through my doc office I was able to get an affordable fix for this little pesky health issue I had. Though now that health insurance in in my near future I feel much more comfortable.  As a matter of fact, I think I may go eat a bowl of ice cream and take up smoking.  Maybe minus the smoking part.  By the way, did you know that cancer uses fructose to divide and spread?  Did I already say that?

August 20 AP 232– Indian fashion. So, I was sitting around at the Tomato Festival feeling jealous of the girls walking around with this skin tone and these sorts of outfits:

And their jewelry and how it looked SO beautiful against their skin:

Getting Ready for a Wedding in India: Bridal Jewelry

(Bridal Jewelry)

And Indian Saris? Guh. Beautiful.

And henna? I love it.

So I suppose, since even IF I dressed in a sari and wore that gorgeous jewelry and decorated myself with henna I would STILL have my not-very-pretty yellow-red skin tone, I can appreciate beautiful Indian women and their fashion.

August 21 AP 233– Not just Mom’s Sunday lunches, but her PREPARATION! Sure, Food Woman can cook up a storm and make it yummy, but what makes Food Woman especially… special… is her detailed preparation: the day she spends cleaning the house and choosing table cloths, napkins, center pieces, place settings, etc.  This Saturday I helped Mom prepare for Sunday lunch, and let me tell ya’- I know now how hard she works every week to put a smile on people’s faces and make them feel special. Thank you, Mom.

August 22 AP 234– My new personalized header and background by T.Matt Sanders!

August 23 AP 235– When someone really sees me. After we spent the evening hanging out together Dad called me at 1AM last night to see if I was still awake.  I was.  I told him I was really depressed and lonely.  He said, “I know.”  I asked, “How did you know?”  He said, “I could tell by the way you acted tonight.”

I thought I had put up a pretty successful front as usual.  Nope. Dad knows.

August 24 AP 236– Adry told me HALF of his letter sounds last night! I SO love watching him learn and grow!  I know I’ve mentioned that a time or two, but it never gets old.  Ever.

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Discussion (3 Comments)

  1. by Naomi

    I’ve always LOVE Indian fashion too. Have you seen ‘Bride and Prejudice’? It is such a colorful movie!

    Can I link to your blog on mine? 🙂

  2. by Ciao Bella Mamma

    No, I’ve not seen that movie, but I will check it out, now!

    And yes! Feel free to link my blog 🙂 I’ve had your blog bookmarked– I love all the pics and inspiration you share 🙂

  3. by Naomi

    Thanks! 🙂

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