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December 1, 2010
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Wow, I canNOT believe I’m coming into the LAST month of appreciations! It did NOT seem like a year ago that I decided to launch the project, and it’s been great… especially after getting to see how many subsequent Appreciation Projects on other blogs and journals it has jump started. For that we can all thank Amanda …and Jason Mraz who inspired her of course.

November 22 AP 326– Drives with music. For being such a homebody I sure do get cabin fever a lot. It’s not even that I need to get out and go anywhere specific or do anything specific, I just need space to be alone and breeeath. And so? Those few moments when I am driving… all alone… just me and music… between destinations… are kind of glorious and refreshing and head-clearing.  Except for when I randomly burst out into tears and then come to a red light beside some guy in a truck who is determined to stare me down until I look at him.

November 23 AP 327– Big comfy beds. Let it be known that I totally cheated this appreciation. This is the FIRST day I accidently skipped since January 1, and I had to go back like five days later and try to remember what I did this day in order to come up with something I hoped I actually did take the time to appreciate…  I came up with big comfy beds and being able to sprawl out on my tummy, propped up on all kinds of pillows with my legs crossed in the air, watching The Office. If there’s one thing I miss about being married and living in the place I called my own, it’s my bedroom. And my bed and my blankets and my pillows. So it’s nice when I can borrow somebody else’s for a minute.

November 24 AP 328– All of my mother’s work and preparation for Thanksgiving. Two days this woman slaved in the kitchen for a meal we inhaled in twenty minutes. I’m not sure Sanders Thanksgiving would exist without her.

November 25 AP 329– Thanksgiving! Is it weird to be thankful for a day set aside to give thanks? Because I totally am.

November 26 AP 330– Finally coming up with a Christmas gift idea for my family that I can afford. That’s always a good feeling.

November 27 AP 331– Buckeye traditions: OSU-Michigan rivalry and Michigan Week, Script Ohio, etc. So much fun!

November 28 AP 332– Getting dressed up. Dresses and tights. I wish I had more. I mean, I’m just as much of a jeans and chucks kind of girl, but I enjoy appealing to my girly side and getting dolled up when I feel like it.

November 29 AP 333– Bright sunshine on warmer fall days flooding my bedroom with natural light. I LOVE being able to both throw on a hoody and drive with the windows down. (…er window singular in the case of J’s car.)

November 30 AP 334– Getting excited to do Mommy-y, tradition-y, Christmas-y things. Ever since Ben and I split I’ve been having trouble rediscovering my passion for and enjoyment of being a mom and making memories with my boy. It’s definitely coming back, though. Eeeee!

December 1 AP 335– The whole privilege and experience of bringing life into the world. Totally random appreciation. I stumbled upon Adry’s birth day pictures, and…   wow, what a magical day. It’ll be fun to experience it again one day.

First Ever Picture of Adry! Two seconds old, straight from the belly 😉

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Discussion (2 Comments)

  1. by Ashley

    I’m glad to see YOU back…and not just with Adry, but with all of us too!

    I LOVE that picture of him, he was sooo tiny!

    love you 🙂

  2. by Ciao Bella Mamma

    aaaw <3 <3 love you, too!

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