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November 30, 2012
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The past month has been really hard.

At the beginning of the month I came down with a mystery illness that still hasn’t been diagnosed… It started off as minor fatigue and discomfort and gradually turned into full body aches and pains, sometimes so terrible that I couldn’t get a shower because the change in temperature and pressure of the water hurt so badly. I took ibuprofen like candy and survived without missing a day of work, but I definitely started to get nervous. So far my doctor has done a few general blood tests and all I know at this point is that my inflammatory test was high and I’m on Prednisone for awhile. I think it’s at least starting to make me feel better, but I would just like to know what’s causing the inflammation. I refuse to google health stuff because I KNOW google will tell me I have cancer. Every symptom is a cancer symptom, and I am cancer-phobic. But just from general health knowledge already in this brain of mine I know the inflammation could be anything from an allergy to an incurable -itis of any sort to HIV to, well… cancer.

I remember that several months after Ben and I split I came down with terrible terrrriible body aches without any other flu or cold symptom that just would NOT go away. It felt like I was popping Dayquil by the hour, and eventually I spiked a pretty decent fever… 102 or 103. Everyone was all, “you’re just fighting a virus! No worries!” so I seriously went on living daily life with a crazy fever that I controlled with flu meds…… until the day I broke out in a full body rash and Mother rushed me to the ER where I discovered I had an allergy to an antibiotic I had been taking.

There’s no fever this time, but still… I don’t want to just keep treating symptoms until things get out of control! I want to know what I have. Now. I’m impatient. And nervous.

So anyway. Thanksgiving was wonderful but I felt very sick and was in survival mode. I didn’t get any pictures. It’s my bed time, so I will have to update some more later! I have to wake up in the morning to be with the cute BBs, like these two:

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