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More on Evangelism…

April 13, 2013
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I’ve been thinking a lot about evangelical christianity since Keithy’s personal witness was criticized early in the month.
What happened to Keith really hurt on a personal level (watching him hurt deeply, hurt me), and angered me on matter of principle.
Then today I opened Rachel Held Evans’ blog and lo and behold, she had conveniently written a lovely post this week about evangelism- Why I Don’t Witness to People on Airplanes– and it got me thinking about the issue again.

I like when she says, “Maybe ‘witnessing’ is about the choice we have to plant seeds of unkindness, hurry, hate, and greed in one another’s lives, or to plant seeds of love, joy, peace, patience, kindness, goodness, faithfulness and self-control. Whether it’s in our closest relationships or our brief encounters with strangers, we always have that choice—to bring life or to bring death, to bring an agenda or to bring love, to bring a product or to bring Jesus.”


I know I’m somewhat heretical when it comes to Evangelical Christianity and biblical interpretation. I take a much more holistic, flexible approach rather than a verse-by-verse legalistic one. I don’t necessarily believe in the traditional concepts of hell, creation, the flood, etc. I’m at a point in my Christian walk– post doubt-inducing faith crisis and deep critical soul-searching– that it doesn’t rock my faith when, for instance, someone presents to me all the historical evidence (or rather lack thereof!) of Israelites ever having been being held as slaves in Egypt. Instead of scrambling to prove the Bible’s accuracy I can comfortably consider the fact that it might not have happened the way we think it did…

…I guess my point is that as my faith evolves I try to keep Romans 14 in mind. It’s such a tricky, complex issue when Christians with more traditional values (or who abstain from meat) come to the same playing field as Christians who “eat everything”. Not that I’ve been perfect, but it is my conscious goal to respect the convictions of fellow Christian friends by not being in-their-face with what I feel free to partake of. In the same respect, I also hope to not be judged, nor my witness devalued.

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