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Homosexuality and The Church

June 28, 2013
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Can we draw the conclusion with certainty that same-sex marriage is a sin?

An essay on homosexuality and Christianity:

If the church cannot support same-sex marriage, then the church should remain completely, utterly SILENT on this issue. Period.

This issue causes such division and heartbreak, confusion and anger. It encourages bullying, it causes innocent people to be afraid of and disgusted by their sexuality, and it results in a 1 in 4 suicide rate among gay teens.

At that, I’m sick of feeling marginalized in the one place I used to feel most at home: the church (of people, not necessarily the church building). I’m tired of my Christianity, spirituality, and faith being in question because I have a non-traditional view. I’m weary of being careful to not simply identify myself as a Christian because 90% non-Christians my age associate Christianity with judgement and hate, synonymous with anti-homosexuality. And that is not how I want to be identified! I want to be identified with JESUS CHRIST.

After DOMA was overturned I hopped on Facebook and saw all the hateful debates flaring up. I cried. It is so incredibly disheartening to watch fellow Christians perpetuate the terrible rep the church already has, and to experience the chasm getting deeper as more folks walk away from the church.

Teary-eyed, I went to Keithy and told him I was losing hope. He put his hands on my shoulders and urged me to take heart because it’s Christians who make the difference within the church, and a difference IS being made.


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