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Our Little Apartment <3

September 13, 2013
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Keithy’s been working on a project lately: digging, laying bricks, building a patio for us…

The other day he was outside doing hard manual labor in all of his sweat, muscles, and sexiness when he noticed that a van was parked on the other side of the alley and an older man was just sitting at the steering wheel, watching.

Keithy continued to work, but the man didn’t leave.

After several minutes Keith decided to go check things out and ask the man if he needed any help.

The man said, “Do you live in that apartment?”

Keith told him that yeah, he did. And with a smile the man said, “In 1966 my wife and I were married and started our new life together in that apartment.”

OHMYGOSH, when Keithy relayed that story to me my heart just absolutely melted! Here this fellow was, almost 50 years later, driving by to reminisce about the good old days with his new bride and young life here in OUR apartment. The one WE were married in.

It has certainly reminded me NOT to take these days for granted. These ARE our good old days.

I hope that 50 years from now we will take a drive through Grandview to check our the little apartment in which we started our lives together. I hope we get to talk to another young couple who is living here and who is just as happy!


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