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Baby Bro is 21!

September 28, 2013
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I can’t believe it. My littlest brother is 21 years old. Living on campus with his love. Holding down a full time job. Bona fide ADULT.
When I was a young teenager- 13ish?- I got in a fight with my mom and told her I was leaving. I probably told her I was going to live with a friend and I never wanted to come home again. I went up to my room to get something or another that a young teenage girl would need in order to leave home forever (like chapstick or something, duh). In the process I walked past my parents’ bedroom and out of the corner of my eye I spotted little five-year-old J’s tuft of hair on the floor of their walk-in closet. Curious, I decided to investigate. Apparently he had been hiding on the floor among the dirty clothes baskets during my teenage tantrum. He’d heard everything I said and was really upset that I was going to leave home. He looked up at me with his huge sad brown eyes (MY GOD he was absolutely adorable) and held up what looked like a copper ring you’d get from a quarter machine. He said, “Take this ring with you and remember me forever.” And I cried!

Y’all. The BEST cure for defiant, strong-willed children is adorable little brothers!

When Mom was pregnant with him I had wished he was a girl. I was at the hospital with friends while Mom was in labor and when he was born I demanded to know if he was a boy or girl. They told me he was a boy. Frustrated I said, “You mean I waited all this time for a stinkin’ boy!?” But then I crawled into the hospital bed with Mom and saw him for the first time. It was literally love at first sight. 21 years ago J won a soft spot in my heart and he’s had it ever since. Happy birthday, Little Bro J.


 photo IMG_3486_zpsbf827c20.jpg
Music before the festivities

 photo IMG_3489_zps1a7ef894.jpg
J’s monkey shelf, haha

 photo IMG_3491_zps80409ac9.jpg
We got this game for him.

 photo IMG_3493_zps36335394.jpg
Keithy and I

 photo IMG_3494_zps35380858.jpg

 photo photo-88_zps9a766c1b.jpg

 photo photo-102_zpsda6e086e.jpg

 photo photo-89_zpse6282713.jpg
Yard games

 photo photo-92_zps28cf0120.jpg

 photo photo-93_zpsd9b37d03.jpg

 photo photo-94_zps92433842.jpg

 photo photo-95_zps86ac5138.jpg

 photo photo-96_zpscacb34fe.jpg

 photo photo-97_zpsbf29497f.jpg

 photo photo-98_zps3c205c37.jpg

 photo photo-100_zps5dd6dc82.jpg
Grandpa with the kids

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