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A Shower for Ella Bella Part I

September 23, 2014
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On September sixth my mom, Keith’s mom, Les, Pam, and a few of their friends put together the most darling baby girl shower for Keith, Ella, and me.

They invited a comfortable, intimate group to meet in the basement of Keith’s parents’ church (Grace Church in Powell).
Sherry made her smash hit cupcakes and whoever came closest to guessing the number of pink popped corn won a prize!
 photo IMG_4156_zps14d19ebd.jpg
 photo IMG_4157_zps5c580bf6.jpg
 photo IMG_4159_zps81fd7e56.jpg
 photo IMG_4162_zpsca5cfdf2.jpg

Melon Baby “Eleanor” Made By Sherry
 photo IMG_4163_zps3ce658e9.jpg
 photo IMG_4164_zpsdd68fce8.jpg
 photo IMG_4166_zpse70db81a.jpg

Baby Shoe Filled with Kisses Shower Favor

I took some photos of the setup before anyone got there:
 photo IMG_4167_zpsa683dc44.jpg
 photo IMG_4170_zpsf4c8f086.jpg
It was a taco bar!
 photo IMG_4175_zpsb0be6ec5.jpg
 photo IMG_4172_zpsbdf59d5c.jpg

Name Tags and Address-Your-Own Thank You Cards! Haha
 photo IMG_4174_zpsc1c06e8a.jpg
 photo IMG_4176_zpsda3540dc.jpg
 photo IMG_4177_zps5a3159ef.jpg

Mom had also set up a corner with a TV that played the DVD of Eleanor’s 3D ultrasound.
As soon as it started playing Adry told me he needed to talk to me and pulled me to the side. He motioned for me to bend down to his level and I saw that tears were welling up in his eyes and spilling over: he was legitimately crying! I said, “Oh my gosh, what’s wrong, buddy!”
He said, “Mommy, the pictures of Ella are making me really sad.”
“Because they remind me that she’s not here yet and I can’t see her!”
I explained to Adry that the 3D images are supposed to be happy because she’s not ready to come out yet and we have the privilege of getting a preview of her before we even meet her!
He thought about that for a second and said, “You’re right. I guess these must be tears of joy!”
Aaaw, my Adry! He’s experiencing all the emotions of a new baby and his little 6-year-old self doesn’t quite know how to make sense of them!

More to come later!

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