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The Birth Story of Miss Eleanor Joyce (PART II)

November 25, 2014
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WARNING: THIS IS A GRAPHIC POST. Just a little blood on a JUST BORN baby and personal details about my experience.

I was able to choose three people to be in the delivery room with me for Ella’s birth. I chose Keithy, Mom, and Keith’s mom, Sherry. Once labor got intense it was those three who made a fantastic labor team and got me through.

Keith held my hand and let me know when contractions peaked and were going down. Mom held my other hand and coached my breathing and concentration and control. Sherry chose and held my focus picture: a little pretty baby girl.

I’m really not sure how long that went on. Medication wasn’t putting a dent in the pain- I didn’t feel a difference at all. Things were getting progressively worse and I asked for something stronger. Before Anesthesiologist had a chance to help me out, the nurse checked and I was at a 10. I couldn’t tell you how long it took to go from 7 to 10, but it seemed way fast and unexpected. Nurse and Doc prepped for delivery and told Anesthesiologist not to bother with the meds because it was baby time. My inner-self was slow-mo reaching out and screaming NNNOOOO! GIVE ME THE DRUUUGSS, but instead I was terrified and stammered, “I’ve never pushed through all this pain before!”

Nurse and Doc assured me, “Oh, you can do it,” and in no time at all they had me prepped and in position and were telling me when and how to push.

Holy. $#!!&*%$#. I must admit: it was the worst pain I’ve ever felt in my entire life. Eleanor was still high inside of me so Dr. T began pushing and pulling and manipulating and helping her along. Don’t get me wrong- I am so so thankful he did that because I only had to push a few times, but it hurt so badly that my impulse was to kick him and scream GET AWAY FROM ME in my growliest voice. (I didn’t!) Instead I think I yelled out OW or just yelled out in general a couple of times. I don’t entirely remember everything because it got to the point that it was so painful my mind went to another place. I DO remember feeling her moving down. I remember feeling her crown. I could feel her head trying to come through. It literally felt like trying to poop a bowling ball through my vagina while my abdomen muscles were on fire. Intense pressure and sharp pain and tearing pain and throbbing pain all at once. Once the head was through I felt her shoulders which also hurt. Sharper pain, less pressure. Once the shoulders were out I felt the rest of her squirming, wriggling body come through. That’s the part I hope I always remember. It was so so cool. I can’t really describe it except by saying it made everything totally worth it.  She was out! She was finally here! My Ella!





She came at 2:40PM after about 7 hours of labor. Keithy cut the cord and they put her on my chest.


I remember those few moments after birth being very overwhelming. I still felt in shock from the pain, drained from the physical labor, and weak and shaky from not eating. (I immediately asked for a hamburger from Wendy’s haha.) I also felt hugely relieved that it was over, totally excited that my daughter was finally in my arms, and completely passionately in love.






Keithy was a proud, excited new daddy!


We promised Adry he could be the first in to see her when she was born.


He didn’t say anything for the longest time. He just sat and stared at her with the biggest grin on his face behind his mask. I finally asked, “What do you think of her, Adry?”

After a pause he said, “…She’s awesome!”



I would say it was love at first sight, but he loved her before he saw her.

Then the grandpas got to see her.







She weighed 8’10”, 21 1/2 inches long… although they measured her again at her family doc’s office and they got 22 and 1/4 inches long!

…To Be Continued


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