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Cuttin’ Down the Sanders Christmas Tree 2014

January 2, 2015
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We went to Timbuk Farms again this year to get the family tree and to get pictures with Santa.
They have the best Santa.
 photo IMG_7887_zps220a10b5.jpg
Baby’s First Pictures with Santa
 photo IMG_7889_zpsfa9076ba.jpg
Each year we go Adry proclaims passionately and with conviction that he refuses to talk to Santa and he absolutely will not get a picture with Santa and will CERTAINLY not sit on his lap!
So we were there and Adry saw Santa and Mrs. Claus waiting to talk to children. He would barely glance in their direction. Even though I told him that whatever decision he made was fine with me and that he didn’t have to talk to anyone he didn’t want to talk to, he still felt the need to put his foot down and adamantly deny that he would be paying Santa a visit.
And then the magic happened.
Mrs. Claus caught his eye and asked him to look at the tree with her… “and since we are here,” she says, “we might as well smile for the cameras.”
 photo IMG_7891_zps60bb407c.jpg
“and just a few steps that way and you can be by your sister.”
 photo IMG_7892_zpsed09399e.jpg
“Hey. Santa has a free knee right beside you. You can just hop right up there!”
And I present: the boy who refuses to sit with Santa:
 photo IMG_7894_zps7b5683bf.jpg
 photo IMG_7893_zps1f76c1db.jpg

After Santa pictures we hopped on the bus to go saw down a blue spruce.
 photo IMG_7896_zps1b5fa4ca.jpg

 photo IMG_7898_zpsd41e9fed.jpg

 photo IMG_7899_zpse83334b7.jpg

 photo IMG_7901_zpsdd9c5a18.jpg

 photo IMG_7902_zps166c102d.jpg
This is a great grandpa. I hope my children always know how much he loves them and enjoys them.

 photo IMG_7907_zpsa3729976.jpg

 photo IMG_7909_zps20c88af7.jpg

We took our tree home and spent the evening decorating with Matt and Alexz.

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