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Adry’s Aspirations

June 20, 2015
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So, if you know Adry you know he’s a gamer. He loves his games. He pretty much plays or wants to play any game he hears of.

And I, a long time ago- maybe when he was about 2 years old and told me he wanted to learn how to put on makeup- decided I was going to support my son with ALL of his interests no matter what my personal prejudices or opinions were. So I have never told him that a thing or activity or behavior or feeling is for a girl, or for a boy, or for anyone of a particular ethnicity, or for any religionI have never labeled anything as ‘bad’ or ‘good’ as long as it doesn’t interfere with his health and well-being or anyone else’s health and well-being.

And the fact is, Adry would drop anything to play outside ALL DAY every day with his school friends (and he does so every chance he can get, which is nearly every day), so I’ve found no reason to NOT fully support and encourage his gaming hobby. As a matter of fact, lately he’s made a couple of friends on Xbox Live (two adorable little girls, daughters of an out-of-state friend of Keith’s) and I’ve so enjoyed watching them build worlds on Micecraft and visit each other’s worlds, give each other tips, explore together, and message or chat live with each other. It’s so cute!

Anyway, that being said… there have been a couple of new developments in the Martin household.

First, Adry’s new aspiration in life: to be a gaming walk-through personality.

(He’s apparently moved past wanting to be a knife juggler!)

He watches these two guys on Youtube in particular, and I forget their names, but Keith describes them as “Announcer Man who laughs at himself too much and Screamy McScreamerton Gilbert Gottfried”. They basically record themselves playing games while they commentate…

…They are my son’s new heroes. He watches these guys endlessly. He watches their walk-throughs for all sorts of games, but his recent obsession interest in particular is… GOAT SIMULATOR.

Yes. Goat Simulator. It is as silly as it sounds.

Wikipedia’s description:

Goat Simulator is an open-ended third-person perspective game in which the player controls a goat. The player is free to explore the game’s world, a suburban setting, as a goat, and jump, run, bash things, and lick objects. Licking objects attaches the goat’s tongue to the object and lets the player drag the object around until they let go. At any time, the player can let the goat drop into a ragdoll model, allowing the game’s physics to take over, and another control makes the game run in slow-motion.[1] A number of environmental features allow the player to manipulate the goat into stunts such as bouncing off trampolines or launching the goat into the air through large fans. The game features a scoring system similar to skateboarding games like Tony Hawk’s Pro Skater, whereby doing tricks or other actions earns points, while chaining such tricks together in sequence helps build a multiplier that applies to the total score of the tricks done in the sequence. Various in-game goals, such as achieving a certain height, completing flips, or destroying certain objects, are given to the player, but the player is not required to follow these instructions.

Adry saved up enough money to buy Goat Simulator. He celebrated for a full day when he became the proud owner of Goat Simulator… he literally jumped up and down with excitement while singing Goat Simulator’s praises. When Adry is not playing Goat Simulator he is watching walk-throughs of Goat Simulator. When Adry is not watching walk-throughs of Goat Simulator he is talking about Goat Simulator.

Goat Simulator

Goat Simulator

Goat Simulator is life.

All hail Goat Simulator.

It’s been so hard for Keith and I to keep our mouths shut and not say make fun of the revered Goat Simulator. But I mean…



LOL I love that kid of mine so much.

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