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Ella Bella’s 9th Month

August 29, 2015
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Eleanor Joyce, July 4th-August 3rd

 photo IMG_3005_zpsrofnegwg.jpg

 photo IMG_3031_zpsmd4fni0w.jpg

Yo L,

Whadup, grl?

 photo IMG_3004_zpsfmuhpwcl.jpg

During your ninth month you became a great crawling explorer! And made some naked getaways during bath and diaper change times.

You discovered that you love all things nature including sticks, rocks, grass, leaves, flowers, and bugs.

 photo IMG_3025_zpsxtgx1vvk.jpg

 photo IMG_3024_zpsdgpbkcsv.jpg

 photo IMG_3014_zpsvmfsvowg.jpg

 photo IMG_3013_zpszyb11tzg.jpg

 photo IMG_3017_zpskeck49ab.jpg

 photo IMG_3019_zpstagu5y26.jpg

Grandpa Sanders took you on a few rides in the bike trailer. You’re getting used to it!
 photo IMG_3015_zps4yorweis.jpg

And you got to spend a day at work with Grandpa Martin!
 photo IMG_3021_zpsh7qdmexn.jpg

You also got all fancied up for a couple of weddings.
 photo L Jme wedding 2_zpsox25dlsq.jpg

 photo L Jme wedding_zpsfdrs2mhe.jpg

 photo IMG_3020_zpsg37zavzi.jpg

 photo IMG_3038_zps6f6hk40x.jpg

 photo IMG_3039_zpsiodwqcjo.jpg

You were CONSTANTLY on the move! You do. not. stop. Your daddy and I, and Grandma and Grandpa Martin, set up our playpen gates to try to keep you contained!
 photo IMG_3022_zpsw7alqwz2.jpg

You had your 9-month doctor check up– you weigh a whole FIFTEEN POUNDS, you tiny thing! You are in the 5th percentile for weight and you dropped from the 65th to the 10th percentile for height. But you have a great appetite and you love trying new foods and textures. Even if you’re not quite sure what to think of a new food at first you are more than willing to keep taking bites. I’ve yet to come across something that you refuse to eat.

 photo IMG_3011_zpsshg10uas.jpg

 photo IMG_3023_zpsonhorihe.jpg

 photo IMG_3012_zpsbcqvz0jd.jpg

You also FORGOT HOW TO SLEEP during your ninth month. You wake up several times throughout the night. Sometimes you just want someone to stick your binkie in your mouth and cover you up. Sometimes you want a bottle. Sometimes you just want to smile and giggle and not waste a single minute of life on sleep… not even at 3:00 in the morning! Your daddy and I are utterly sleep deprived, but completely in love. Just this morning- at 6:30am- Daddy and I were smooching your cheeks and laughing with you and admiring your gorgeous, bright morning smile. I made the comment, “Doesn’t she make mornings so wonderful!?” Your daddy, as he finished chugging a cup of coffee and was walking out the door for work with puffy eyes and a serious case of bed-head, replied, “Yes she does. I sometimes can’t wait until she wakes up at nights just so that I can hold her and spend time with her.”

 photo IMG_3008_zpsjfs2ahmr.jpg

 photo IMG_3007_zpsr0g7mbsk.jpg

We love you, Baby Girl!


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