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Ella Joyce ~ 10th Month

September 12, 2015
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Reflective of Baby Ella between August 4th and September 3rd

Mia Bella,

 photo IMG_3044_zpsnjvvvxfq.jpg

 photo IMG_3045_zpst9ew3xfy.jpg

Your tenth month was nothing short of a blast. Daddy, Brother, and I laughed with you every single day. You are a funny little thing, full of expression.

 photo IMG_3046_zps70v8kjij.jpg

 photo mustache_zpshgulylyi.jpg

You pull yourself up, stand on your own from time to time, and we keep thinking you are just minutes away from taking your first step! You also perfected your fake laugh. You use it to try to join in the fun, even if you have no idea what’s going on when the big people are talking and laughing together.
Oh, and when you wave at people you become very distracted and amused by your own hand.

 photo IMG_3061_zps3zhqewxl.jpg

This month you also got to spend a whole weekend with Grandma and Grandpa Sanders while Daddy and I had a mini getaway.
During that time Reese let you clean him with baby wipes.
 photo IMG_3049_zps35xcxago.jpg
(You LOVE baby wipes!)
 photo IMG_3050_zpspt73uqhn.jpg
 photo IMG_3051_zpsexd4bl6r.jpg

And you also got to enjoy the Food Truck Festival.
 photo IMG_3052_zpshqpm0g1i.jpg
 photo IMG_3054_zps3virbba6.jpg
(jamming to the music with Grandpa)
 photo IMG_3053_zpsjlhf7hdz.jpg
 photo IMG_3055_zpswpx3p19c.jpg
Your Aunt Rebecca and Uncle Jacob let you try a Schmidt’s cream puff!

You got to spend some time with Grandma and Grandpa Martin.
 photo IMG_3064_zpssgfvb1yi.jpg
And they let you try a frosty!
 photo IMG_3062_zpsqy8krp1n.jpg
(You have all kinds of people around to spoil you, you lucky thing!)

On Wednesdays you take a walk with Grampa Sanders to pick your brother up from school and play on the play ground.
 photo IMG_3059_zps7l32nfwe.jpg
 photo IMG_3060_zpsgscpo18h.jpg
 photo IMG_3058_zpsqzk1iqr0.jpg
You love to swing.
 photo park_zpscicmbqlk.jpg
 photo park2_zpsa8bvpl4c.jpg
 photo park4_zpsgllw90sq.jpg
 photo park5_zpsibtiuxuw.jpg

For Grandpa’s birthday we visited Uncle J and Aunt Rebecca’s new place in Athens, and got to hang out at the restaurant – Casa Nueva – at which your uncle works.
 photo IMG_3075_zpshddcmicx.jpg
(honking Aunt Rebecca’s nose)
 photo IMG_3076_zpsdivvbtf7.jpg
(honking Uncle J’s nose)

And you and your Uncle Matt had a very important bonding moment over a mango popsicle!
 photo mango pissicle_zpsv1tgc9p9.jpg

Your tenth month was the month you LOVED puffs.
You could have eaten them all day every day!
 photo puff head_zpsiyod8cbt.jpg

Your brother would also want me to include in this post that you exclaimed, “YAY!” to him one day after giving him a high-five. He was so excited about that! He is so proud of you!

You also started stepping up on things and climbing and you accomplished ALL KINDS of exploring.
You therefore were taken to Stride Rite by Grandma and fitted for your very first pair of walking shoes!

And lastly, toward the very end of your tenth month – while Mommy and Daddy were at work – you started spending your days with your Aunt Aalliyah and Cousin Juno! Aalliyah dances and sings and watches Doctor Who with you. She loves on you all day while you and Baby Juniper can’t seem to get enough of each other. June ‘n you babble together and make each other grin ‘n giggle and it’s so fun to see and hear about! You seem so drawn to each other and we are excited to watch you grow together. (Bonus: You two are so freakin’ cute on your own, but together it’s almost too much!)
 photo IMG_3077_zpskujgee9t.jpg
(your first drop-off picture at Aalliyah’s)

So many people love and adore you, Baby Girl.
Always remember that.

<3 Mommy

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