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Halloween Festivities 2015

November 8, 2015
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Trick-or-Treating at Friendship Village of Dublin this year!

 photo IMG_5254_zps4redijtc.jpg

I wondered if I would come up with a First Halloween costume idea that I would love as much as Adry’s Aang The Last Airbender, and Reese’s Appa the Air Bison.

I did, though. I came up with an idea, and I had a bunch of fun putting together my little Inigo Montoya!

 photo IMG_5255_zpsqgy3cfmf.jpg
“You killed my father. Prepare to die!”

 photo IMG_5269_zpsckxctbh4.jpg

 photo IMG_5270_zpszwnsne9r.jpg

Adry’s family on his dad’s side hand-made his masked caped Renaissance guy costume.
 photo IMG_5275_zpsdyeibs9d.jpg

 photo IMG_5277_zpsev92ufxi.jpg
Everyone said she looked like Uncle J with her mustache.

 photo IMG_5281_zpso3f7ir8o.jpg

 photo IMG_5282_zpsdnli5cph.jpg

 photo IMG_3261_zpscwae6mpr.jpg

 photo IMG_3257_zpsljigr6yp.jpg

 photo IMG_3260_zps2gusojch.jpg

Ben took Adry out on Beggar’s Night with his buddies, and sent me this picture of his full costume:
 photo IMG_3263_zps5xq3zuye.jpg

And on Halloween day we visited COSI.
This is Adry and Tori in the submarine!
The submarine in which Tori adamantly insisted no fewer than two dozen times that she would NOT go because she was afraid. And I responded every single time that it was perectly okay to be afraid and she absolutely did NOT have to go in the submarine if she didn’t want to. Then in the next breath she suddenly announced FINE I’M GOING IN THE SUMMEREEN! and took off running, effectively ditched every other kid waiting in line for the submarine, and fearlessly hopped right in. People looked back at me from the line and I gave them a shrug and a flip of the hand. HEY PEOPLE- This is her moment of bravery and I’mma let her have it!
 photo IMG_3269_zpsyxxxbrl8.jpg

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