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Christmas Season 2015

January 2, 2016
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Timbuk Farms ~ Santa Claus & Finding the Sanders Christmas Tree!

 photo IMG_3473_zpspv53btqj.jpg
Thanks, Grandma Sanders, for this adorable outfit!

 photo IMG_8064_zpsppg0lux9.jpg
Horseback Carolers

 photo IMG_8068_zpsndve4iz9.jpg

 photo IMG_8069_zpsgjrrqkop.jpg

 photo IMG_8075_zpsyddcngj8.jpg

 photo IMG_8076_zpsmfykpohr.jpg

 photo IMG_8080_zpst7zbk5pc.jpg

 photo IMG_8084_zpskrhwraep.jpg

 photo IMG_8085_zpsce7juobh.jpg

 photo IMG_8088_zpsbt1wtsse.jpg

 photo IMG_8090_zpsjuqfk0fz.jpg

 photo IMG_8094_zps4auv0x2u.jpg

 photo IMG_8095_zpsmoxvhk0e.jpg

Christmas Eve!

 photo IMG_5297_zpsb8myjsrv.jpg
Thanks, Aunt ‘Lliyah, for the sparkly Christmassy party girl outfit!

 photo IMG_5300_zpscphoulkf.jpg

 photo IMG_5302_zpscnwrklbf.jpg

 photo IMG_5303_zpskkracnlb.jpg

 photo IMG_5308_zpshipywyha.jpg

 photo IMG_5312_zpsbiy6ohq4.jpg

 photo IMG_5313_zps4klqr8s5.jpg

 photo IMG_5316_zpsqpiiwwxa.jpg

 photo IMG_5318_zpsr7ual1zv.jpg

Christmas Morning!

 photo IMG_5325_zpsdocstfdt.jpg

 photo IMG_5329_zpsp6bf2dry.jpg

 photo IMG_5330_zpsifptffur.jpg

 photo IMG_5332_zpsjtxnreko.jpg

 photo IMG_5338_zpszxy9wetp.jpg

 photo IMG_5341_zpsyvloy6lz.jpg

 photo IMG_5343_zpscmomb3sk.jpg

 photo IMG_5349_zps6e08vxyz.jpg

 photo IMG_5355_zpspctc2ilt.jpg

 photo IMG_5358_zpsx0smkn6g.jpg

 photo IMG_5362_zpsc2vs4wbi.jpg

 photo IMG_5366_zpswoob1ef0.jpg
Matt’s face after Dad revealed his big gift: Dad had polished up and revamped his drum set and had Alexz, J, Keith, Rebecca, and I each decorate a drum head.

 photo IMG_3334_zpshtdxg5aa.jpg
This is Keith’s drum head. I’m pretty proud of it in part because I came up with the idea, and Keith executed it so well. He chose his own colors and filler designs! I love how it turned out.

 photo IMG_5368_zpsqv3n3ajl.jpg

 photo IMG_5379_zpsk0ytcrff.jpg
Alexz’s~as awesome as expected!

 photo IMG_5381_zps0hxfc9rh.jpg

 photo IMG_5383_zpsizc9vawz.jpg
The kids and I did the heart in the top left. I let Ella finger paint with acrylic, and Adry filled in the spaces with little pictures and words. Rebecca did the snazzy snare drum head and J’s is the super cool colorful fantastical scene bottom right.

Our Christmas season also included Christmas with The Martins with Uncle Phil and Great Grandma Dee, as well as cookie and gingerbread house decorating with Grandmas Sanders, and a Christmas Eve midnight candlelight service at Rebecca’s grandmother’s church. It was a very nice Christmas and we are very blessed. My kids are loved by so many awesome people!

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