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October 2017
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Summer of ’17 (Part I)

September 9, 2017
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I am so behind on my journaling. I am going to try to combine a bunch of my summer photos in a couple of big huge picture posts. Here y’go!

Fourth of July

was a lot of fun.

We experienced Red White & Boom at Audubon Park, and I loved it so much there I want to make it my yearly Red White & Boom tradition.




Thanks for this photo, Matt.


The next day we went to the Dublin fireworks and saw Peter Frampton live! After the show we were so close to where they set off the fireworks it was probably literally one of the very best displays I’ve ever experienced. I was mesmerized!









Park of Roses Picnic

I adore this park.



Photo Cred: Rebecca

Photo by Rebecca

Photo Cred: Rebecca

Photo by Rebecca

Photo Cred: Rebecca

Photo by Rebecca

Attempted Potterfest

For just a minute (30 seconds?) Eleanor was Hedwig and Adry was Dumbledore!




But Potterfest was a bust. It pretty much went like this:


A trip to Grandpa’s Cheesebarn and Sweeties made up for it for some of us!





Adry at Niagra Falls with his dad and Grandma Ellwood

Adry at Niagra Falls with his dad and Grandma Ellwood



Me n' My Girl

Me n’ My Girl

Eleanor learned how to help with household chores (and enjoyed splashing in a pool and visiting Carl the Turtle and other fun things) with Grandma Martin this summer!


She also had many great adventures with Aunt Alexz while she was on summer break!


And Grandpa Sanders, too!


Dress enhanced by Grandma Martin

Dress enhanced by Grandma Martin

Adry on Lake Eerie during a trip with his dad

Adry on Lake Eerie during a trip with his dad



Spoiled by Grandma Sanders– new dress up shoes and clothes just because


And although Jazz and Ribs Fest was stressful this year, this full arch double rainbow (can’t make out the second rainbow in these pics) was unforgettable.



The Bunny Water Park/ Mt Vernon Water Park










We took a trip to Mount Vernon for Maya’s first birthday party. The kids got to play with Logan and Lilly (my cousin’s son and niece) at the water park up there. We had a lot of fun!






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Ella’s Adventures

March 18, 2017
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Ella Bella, you are a consistently busy girl with a schedule full of love. I wanted to share with you a little glimpse of the kinds of things you do with the people you get to spend time with.

(Thanks to everyone who shared their Ella Adventure pictures with me, and on Facebook!)

 photo IMG_5671_zpsvi2qkg1o.jpg
with Mome Martin

 photo IMG_5672_zpsfedwsv3w.jpg

 photo IMG_5677_zpslnuxis8m.jpg
with PaPa Sanders

 photo IMG_5687_zpsghk1yyk2.jpg
your hang out spot at Uncle Matt and Aunt Alexz’s

 photo IMG_5713_zpspa7ivuhl.jpg
Fashionista Ella!

 photo IMG_5723_zpseqh6gjco.jpg
Shopping with Papa Sanders

 photo IMG_5730_zpsetvkqkax.jpg
Homemade play dough with Aunt Becca!

 photo IMG_5738_zpsui9d3ya9.jpg

 photo IMG_5735_zpsid5ksvks.jpg
with Aunt Becca and Reese

 photo IMG_5766_zpsllxzqine.jpg
Raincoat, Bebe, and tights

 photo IMG_5798_zpsol2n1sia.jpg
watering plants with Mome Martin

 photo IMG_5800_zps1m7hye7q.jpg

 photo IMG_5802_zpslsx4jq3f.jpg
Play dough animal sculptures with Mome Martin

 photo IMG_5750_zpselhnjdlx.jpg
back porch hangs with Aunt Becca and Uncle J

 photo IMG_5749_zpsmtmnyfuz.jpg
Movie date with Mome Sanders

 photo IMG_5746_zpsc5wubtlf.jpg
Dinner date with Mome Sanders

 photo IMG_5761_zpsdztkg4rh.jpg
Princess tent reading time with PaPa Martin

 photo IMG_5770_zpswbwvmnvl.jpg
art work at Uncle Matt and Aunt Alexz’s house

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Thirty Years of Throwback ~ 2012-2015

June 18, 2016
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 photo 2012_zpsrbqzroh1.jpg
Mer n’ Chip’s Wedding

 photo 2012 lost 2_zpsyoaxd4u9.jpg
The brief engagement of Keith n’ Jess!

 photo 2012 2_zpskrcbxedo.jpg

 photo 2012 8_zpstgtmocfd.jpg
Becoming a family unit!

 photo 2012 14_zpsxlr6gflc.jpg
The Fine Lookin’ Sanders Gang- Mom and Dad turned 50!



 photo 2013 3_zpssiqok0h5.jpg
2013 makes me miss my long hair!

 photo 2013 6_zpscaxhrsuy.jpg
Five Iron Frenzy Reunited!

 photo 2013 4_zpsv3qexo29.jpg
Keith n’ Jess actually got to go on dates this year!

 photo 2013 1_zpskasibhqz.jpg

 photo 2013 7_zpsykwfddl7.jpg

 photo 2013 12_zpsfa2qwvhq.jpg
Adry still thought I was cool!



 photo 2014_zps6j6cfm2n.jpg

 photo 2014 5_zpsiykqoo89.jpg
Dancing in Bicentennial Park

 photo 2014 20_zpsmvizxtpr.jpg
Being enormously pregnant with Ella Bella…

 photo 2014 11_zpssphzhxdj.jpg
…at the same time as Jamie!

 photo 2014 4_zpstndfnzes.jpg
Game Night Girls


 photo 2015 5_zpsyywp2cum.jpg
First year as a Family of Four!

 photo 2015 7_zpsyyythywy.jpg
Baby’s First Halloween

 photo 2015 8_zpseyolyem7.jpg
Mommy-Daughter Times

 photo 2015 4_zps8kdgjgvh.jpg

 photo 2015 6_zpsaltifpfe.jpg
The Sanders Sibs- perpetually children reprimanded by Mom!


I’ve had an enormously rich and blessed 30+ years of life!

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Thirty Years of Throwback ~ 2009-2011

April 10, 2016
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 photo March 2009_zpsucht2fs8.jpg
Adry’s first birthday party!

 photo April 2009_zpsx5ezsifx.jpg
Didn’t everyone have a pair of those navy sneakers for a minute?

 photo June 2009 2_zpslvyutjdo.jpg
This is a photo from the scavenger hunt that Dave and Ginny hosted. I believe Matt, Alexz, Mer, and I called ourselves “Team Awesome” and we did not win, haha.

 photo June 2009_zpswqfkagpl.jpg
This is one of my favorite photos of young Reese and Baby Adry.

 photo July 2009_zpse9jwqcd7.jpg
I loved being a stay-at-home momma with Adry this year. I will forever feel grateful I had those couple of years with my baby boy.


 photo January 2010 3_zpsod2hoes1.jpg
Another young Reese and Baby Adry. I can’t resist posting these pictures.

 photo January 2010_zpscal4egpe.jpg
Our bowling party! So much skill displayed that night.

 photo April 2010 4_zpslrxu30l6.jpg
A very Sanders Easter. I believe this is the year I put edible grass in Adry’s Easter basket. Jamie came over later that night and we all sat around in the living room laughing and joking ’til our abs hurt about who-knows-what-probably-something-really-immature and obnoxiously eating the Easter grass ’til we got sick. I actually really miss random hangouts like that.

 photo April 2010 2_zpsyhp88mdm.jpg
Adry, Dad, and I did a TON of biking with the bike trailer and Adry’s bike buddy Charlie the frog that year.

 photo October 2010 2_zpsamkhnokb.jpg


 photo January 2011_zpsfewy1c5d.jpg
The year Nick and I decided to spend an entire season in a High School Throwback and he was kinda my 2nd best friend for a minute. It was good for us, though. Well, it was good for me at least; I can’t speak for him.

 photo October 2011_zpsrgadxc93.jpg

 photo July 2011 3_zpsbmfcqvpr.jpg
I fell head-over-heels for ^^THIS^^ guy! It was a whirlwind adventure and I fell hard.

 photo July 2011 2_zpsla7wl0qt.jpg
Tay, J, and I at the theater for the last Harry Potter movie!

 photo August 2011 2_zpsf9xw5nwd.jpg
Little Bro J and I spent a lot of time together in 2011. We roomed AND worked AND hung out as friends together. People used to marvel at how well we got along. They’d say, “If I spent that much time with my [sibling] we’d fight all the time, but you guys are like best friends!” I am thankful for the year I had with my littlest brother.

 photo Auhust 2011_zpsv51uhrpd.jpg

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Christmas Season 2015

January 2, 2016
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Timbuk Farms ~ Santa Claus & Finding the Sanders Christmas Tree!

 photo IMG_3473_zpspv53btqj.jpg
Thanks, Grandma Sanders, for this adorable outfit!

 photo IMG_8064_zpsppg0lux9.jpg
Horseback Carolers

 photo IMG_8068_zpsndve4iz9.jpg

 photo IMG_8069_zpsgjrrqkop.jpg

 photo IMG_8075_zpsyddcngj8.jpg

 photo IMG_8076_zpsmfykpohr.jpg

 photo IMG_8080_zpst7zbk5pc.jpg

 photo IMG_8084_zpskrhwraep.jpg

 photo IMG_8085_zpsce7juobh.jpg

 photo IMG_8088_zpsbt1wtsse.jpg

 photo IMG_8090_zpsjuqfk0fz.jpg

 photo IMG_8094_zps4auv0x2u.jpg

 photo IMG_8095_zpsmoxvhk0e.jpg

Christmas Eve!

 photo IMG_5297_zpsb8myjsrv.jpg
Thanks, Aunt ‘Lliyah, for the sparkly Christmassy party girl outfit!

 photo IMG_5300_zpscphoulkf.jpg

 photo IMG_5302_zpscnwrklbf.jpg

 photo IMG_5303_zpskkracnlb.jpg

 photo IMG_5308_zpshipywyha.jpg

 photo IMG_5312_zpsbiy6ohq4.jpg

 photo IMG_5313_zps4klqr8s5.jpg

 photo IMG_5316_zpsqpiiwwxa.jpg

 photo IMG_5318_zpsr7ual1zv.jpg

Christmas Morning!

 photo IMG_5325_zpsdocstfdt.jpg

 photo IMG_5329_zpsp6bf2dry.jpg

 photo IMG_5330_zpsifptffur.jpg

 photo IMG_5332_zpsjtxnreko.jpg

 photo IMG_5338_zpszxy9wetp.jpg

 photo IMG_5341_zpsyvloy6lz.jpg

 photo IMG_5343_zpscmomb3sk.jpg

 photo IMG_5349_zps6e08vxyz.jpg

 photo IMG_5355_zpspctc2ilt.jpg

 photo IMG_5358_zpsx0smkn6g.jpg

 photo IMG_5362_zpsc2vs4wbi.jpg

 photo IMG_5366_zpswoob1ef0.jpg
Matt’s face after Dad revealed his big gift: Dad had polished up and revamped his drum set and had Alexz, J, Keith, Rebecca, and I each decorate a drum head.

 photo IMG_3334_zpshtdxg5aa.jpg
This is Keith’s drum head. I’m pretty proud of it in part because I came up with the idea, and Keith executed it so well. He chose his own colors and filler designs! I love how it turned out.

 photo IMG_5368_zpsqv3n3ajl.jpg

 photo IMG_5379_zpsk0ytcrff.jpg
Alexz’s~as awesome as expected!

 photo IMG_5381_zps0hxfc9rh.jpg

 photo IMG_5383_zpsizc9vawz.jpg
The kids and I did the heart in the top left. I let Ella finger paint with acrylic, and Adry filled in the spaces with little pictures and words. Rebecca did the snazzy snare drum head and J’s is the super cool colorful fantastical scene bottom right.

Our Christmas season also included Christmas with The Martins with Uncle Phil and Great Grandma Dee, as well as cookie and gingerbread house decorating with Grandmas Sanders, and a Christmas Eve midnight candlelight service at Rebecca’s grandmother’s church. It was a very nice Christmas and we are very blessed. My kids are loved by so many awesome people!

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Ella’s First Birthday Party

December 6, 2015
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Baby Girl’s very first ever birthday party was last month.

My Birthday Pumpkin!

 photo IMG_3371_zpsdcgzcqgi.jpg

 photo IMG_3367_zpsmw3y9pl6.jpg
with Aunt Becca

 photo IMG_3368_zpssqwpobhn.jpg

Aunt Rebecca shared a special moment with Ella during which Ella said “hi” back to her for the first time. It meant a lot to her, especially since she’s an SPL grad student, and in turn it made me very happy that Ella has her Aunt Becca in her life 🙂

 photo IMG_3363_zpsp9lxryjg.jpg
This is my momma’s One Year of Ella project!

 photo IMG_3407_zpspoyhkzyn.jpg

 photo IMG_3365_zps4ez9hskh.jpg
Aunt Alexz made this adorable and delicious pumpkin cake with cream cheese icing! Another amazing auntie in Ella’s life… she’s a very lucky girl.

 photo IMG_3406_zpsxt4bucqc.jpg

 photo IMG_8043_zpsc1xusili.jpg

 photo IMG_3366_zpse8xcrwex.jpg

 photo Ella party_zpsj3pkubnh.jpg
Time for opening presents!

 photo IMG_3376_zpsi82hz5ba.jpg
playing with Tara

 photo IMG_8061_zps7do7rtd6.jpg
one of our attempts at a group photo, haha

Here are a couple of other attempts for fun!
 photo IMG_8060_zpsurjbq1zv.jpg

 photo IMG_8058_zpst3pyegio.jpg

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Ella’s 11th Month!

October 11, 2015
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Sweet Ella Joyce,

One month to go before you’ve experienced one full year in this world!

 photo IMG_3082_zpsllgblg0r.jpg
(Bed Head!)

 photo IMG_3128_zpsrximd9ux.jpg
(Shampoo Time with Brother)

 photo IMG_3157_zpsafvqbfp8.jpg
(Hanging out with Grandma Martin)

 photo IMG_3155_zpsqw6r6caj.jpg
(Snuggled up with the bear Grandpa Martin got for you)

This had been a month of singing, dancing, climbing, and walking short distances from thing to thing.

 photo IMG_3129_zpsjsymhshu.jpg

You got to spend a day at Grandpa Martin’s office!
 photo IMG_3079_zpsdxtovvzg.jpg

And you got to spend all kinds of time with Aunt Aalliyah and your sweet n’ adorable cousin-friend, JuneBug.
 photo IMG_3109_zpsbbkkl9ek.jpg

 photo IMG_3093_zps7c0ki7ua.jpg

 photo IMG_3104_zpsgwrqe0cj.jpg

You n’ Juno had Puffin Rock Parties
 photo IMG_3118_zpsgn4wkg8f.jpg

and dance parties
 photo IMG_3161_zpsccxok7a0.jpg

 photo IMG_3131_zpsietwckl6.jpg

and puffs!
 photo IMG_3110_zps5aqfyjor.jpg

Aunt Aallyah calls you ‘Sunshine Baby’ and says this sunshine blanket reminds her of you. It’s your special Aalliyah’s House blanky.
 photo IMG_3119_zpsxdhn2n7m.jpg

 photo IMG_3126_zpsg6mecicg.jpg

 photo IMG_3125_zpskcng9esn.jpg
(getting distracted by your hand while waving)

 photo IMG_3124_zpswqo6e014.jpg
(checking out a painting)

 photo IMG_3160_zpsygxandon.jpg

Aalliyah hired a new cleaning lady (you, of course!) for the 3X3″ of her coffee table
 photo IMG_3121_2_zps5xhv8wxe.jpg

and your best buds over there are ‘Mote n’ Bottle.
 photo IMG_3139_zpsthdcqyk3.jpg

You also love the bagels and hamburger buns from your brother’s toy kitchen!
 photo IMG_3142_zpshlmb6iou.jpg

Your Uncle Matt also discovered your love for Electric Light Orchestra.
 photo IMG_3159_zpse7hyy8yl.jpg

He said you listened to it all evening and held onto this album for hours.
 photo IMG_3158_zpseqjujgmf.jpg

And you had bunches of fun on the swings at the park this month with Grandpa Sanders!
 photo IMG_3094_zps4cbkaj3a.jpg

 photo IMG_3101_zpsubppvzu1.jpg

You spied on the big girls at the playground
 photo IMG_3096_zpsoeapebda.jpg

 photo IMG_3097_zpssr3go6yc.jpg

until of course they made over you and let you join!

 photo IMG_3095_zpsnsqch0rw.jpg

You really enjoy the sound of banging marbles together,
 photo IMG_3133_zpszmfcl2vh.jpg

and you like walking around with the cart I used to play with as a baby.
 photo IMG_3134_zps02twuzvh.jpg

 photo IMG_3137_zpsgwiuimvl.jpg

 photo IMG_3138_zpskzn1cswx.jpg
(worn out after a day of play!)

Your daddy is still an expert at bad dad jokes! He put your bear rattles on your arms, snapped this picture, and told everyone you were exercising your second amendment rights.
 photo IMG_3127_zpsvyoxsv0h.jpg

Grandma Sanders discovered your oh so sad, heartbreaking, and loud fake cry while at the grocery store:
She said you had captured the hearts of all the shoppers in the store.
 photo IMG_3153_zpsi9u1wqvc.jpg
And then she had to take something dangerous away from you and you let everyone know about it.
The shoppers- they came over to check on you, and to see what awful thing Grandma had done to you!

You may listen when we say ‘no’, but you have no qualms about expressing your feelings about it loud and clear.

Grandma Sanders also took you to play at the mall where you made more ‘big girl’ friends!
 photo IMG_3164_zpsvvopu2ji.jpg

 photo IMG_3167_zpswnshled9.jpg

 photo IMG_3169_zpsmux57dx9.jpg

And lastly, Ella Bella, I wanted to share these paintings with you:
 photo 11th month_zpsl4kw6bc7.jpg

 photo 11th month 2_zpsauanrw1z.jpg

They were painted by a friend of your Uncle J and Aunt Rebecca’s. Her name is Casey Anthony.
They are so beautiful and your daddy and I were so incredibly touched when we saw them.
We sent a message thanking Casey for sharing her artwork with us, and I thought it was perfect that in reply she stated that she was inspired by your pictures on Facebook, “not just because [you] are a beautiful child (which [you] are!) But because you are so loved. It’s obvious that you have so many people that just love you more than anything. A subject is so much more inspiring when you know how it is so valued.”
That made my heart soar!
The hardest thing I do is leave you every day so that I can work, because I have to… It’s hard because I want to spend more time with you, and I hurt for the time I’ve lost. I often feel guilty and wish things were different.
Throughout my work week I entrust so many people with the my most precious and invaluable gifts: you and your brother.
And every week I am given all the pictures you see above ^^^, and all the pictures in your previous monthly letters, that remind me how blessed I am, and how blessed you are, that you are so loved by so many. It makes being a working momma a little easier, knowing that you are bonding with people who will be with you, loving you, the rest of your life.
So, when I get the physical copy of Casey’s painting in hand, I’m going to hang it in a place I can see it every day as I leave for work. It’s going to serve as my daily reminder that I’m doing okay by you, and that we have so much to be thankful for! Our lives are rich and full of love.

You are so precious to me, Baby Girl
I love you dearly.

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