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February 2018
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Halloween Two Thousand Seventeen

October 28, 2017
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It was gray and rainy on Pumpkin Patch Day.

Did we let that stop us? No. Without regret.

Hay Fight

Jacob continually tossed Adry off the hay stack. As any good uncle should.

I can’t decide if Ella got more soaked from the rain or from splashing in every puddle she could find.

The things we do for our kids…

Adry was over the sticky muddy patch.

Eleanor gor her boots stuck in the mud…

…REALLY stuck in the mud.

Boo at the Zoo with Grandma and Grandpa Martin

Pumpkin Carving at Uncle Matt and Aunt Alexz’s

Alexz designed this, inspired by Sloth from The Goonies

Eleanor designed our jack-o-lantern. I tried to follow her design as best I could, minus the extra nose and 5 extra eyes she drew.




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Halloween 2016

February 11, 2017
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I finally got a new computer! Hooray! Despite the amount of our savings that Keith’s temporary unemployment ate through, I decided to bite the bullet and invest in a MacBook Air. I was going to wait until after tax returns until I realized I do my own taxes, and… I need a computer to do taxes!

Now I can play catch-up on all my holiday photos.

First: Halloween

Halloween was the most enjoyable holiday for me this year. I was sick on Thanksgiving, and Christmas was the most stressful and depressing Christmas I’ve ever experienced in my life thus far… In terms of circumstance-induced anxiety and depression, it even surpassed the year I had the miscarriage Christmas Eve through Christmas morning. (I am better now.) (Man, it felt good just to write that out, even as vague as it is. I’ve missed journaling.) BUT Halloween was such a sweet, enjoyable holiday for me. I’m glad I made the most of it.

We did our annual Friendship Village of Dublin retirement home Trick or Treat.

 photo IMG_5193_zpsjwaok1x3.jpg

 photo IMG_5194_zpsgyzqqwvp.jpg

 photo IMG_5192_zps4p67iybg.jpg

Eleanor used the Max from Where The Wild Things Are costume that Adry’s Grandma Ellwood made for him when he was just a bit younger than Ella was this year. It’s a bit too short for her. But still adorable. Adry was a Civil War Union Soldier. (NOT a Confederate Soldier, for heaven’s sake. That’s a good way to annoy Adry!) His costume was made by his Grandma Ellwood as well.

We also tried a Trunk or Treat in Hilliard for the first time. I loved it so much I’d like to keep it a tradition.

 photo Halloween 2016 3_zpsaws9masf.jpg

 photo Halloween 2016 7_zpsxeku9obx.jpg

 photo Halloween 2016 5_zpswv4ik3k8.jpg

 photo Halloween 2016 10_zpstd1txy4j.jpg

 photo Halloween 2016 20_zpsjnxuo9sb.jpg

 photo Halloween 2016 21_zpsop7w1sjx.jpg
Uncle Sam told Adry that his costume was the most authentic he had ever seen and wanted a picture with him.

 photo Halloween 2016 8_zpsgnb7eac7.jpg

 photo Halloween 2016 6_zpsrqhe4pr3.jpg

 photo Halloween 2016 12_zpsqb4lkypn.jpg

 photo Halloween 2016 14_zpsxekhmhd4.jpg

 photo Halloween 2016 17_zpsr4lghf0w.jpg

 photo Halloween 2016 13_zpsh6szmicj.jpg

 photo Halloween 2016 18_zpszmzm4g5c.jpg

 photo Halloween 2016 15_zpstii9pn6x.jpg

 photo Halloween 2016 16_zpswtsowxxv.jpg

And my kids enjoyed Beggar’s Night in Grandview, too. Adry got to trick-or-treat with his school buddies while Keith and Grandma and Grandpa Martin spent hours walking with Ella house-to-house up and down Grandview residential streets. I joined them when I got off work. We spent the last half hour at the Grandview library playing games, winning prizes, and getting our picture taken.

 photo Halloween 2016 19_zpsm9j31uvo.jpg

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Halloween Festivities 2015

November 8, 2015
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Trick-or-Treating at Friendship Village of Dublin this year!

 photo IMG_5254_zps4redijtc.jpg

I wondered if I would come up with a First Halloween costume idea that I would love as much as Adry’s Aang The Last Airbender, and Reese’s Appa the Air Bison.

I did, though. I came up with an idea, and I had a bunch of fun putting together my little Inigo Montoya!

 photo IMG_5255_zpsqgy3cfmf.jpg
“You killed my father. Prepare to die!”

 photo IMG_5269_zpsckxctbh4.jpg

 photo IMG_5270_zpszwnsne9r.jpg

Adry’s family on his dad’s side hand-made his masked caped Renaissance guy costume.
 photo IMG_5275_zpsdyeibs9d.jpg

 photo IMG_5277_zpsev92ufxi.jpg
Everyone said she looked like Uncle J with her mustache.

 photo IMG_5281_zpso3f7ir8o.jpg

 photo IMG_5282_zpsdnli5cph.jpg

 photo IMG_3261_zpscwae6mpr.jpg

 photo IMG_3257_zpsljigr6yp.jpg

 photo IMG_3260_zps2gusojch.jpg

Ben took Adry out on Beggar’s Night with his buddies, and sent me this picture of his full costume:
 photo IMG_3263_zps5xq3zuye.jpg

And on Halloween day we visited COSI.
This is Adry and Tori in the submarine!
The submarine in which Tori adamantly insisted no fewer than two dozen times that she would NOT go because she was afraid. And I responded every single time that it was perectly okay to be afraid and she absolutely did NOT have to go in the submarine if she didn’t want to. Then in the next breath she suddenly announced FINE I’M GOING IN THE SUMMEREEN! and took off running, effectively ditched every other kid waiting in line for the submarine, and fearlessly hopped right in. People looked back at me from the line and I gave them a shrug and a flip of the hand. HEY PEOPLE- This is her moment of bravery and I’mma let her have it!
 photo IMG_3269_zpsyxxxbrl8.jpg

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Pumpkin Patch Pictures ~ 2015

October 25, 2015
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You’ll have to excuse the frilly outfits. We hadn’t planned on going to the pumpkin patch that day until after we got dressed!

 photo IMG_5097_zpsnmp3parg.jpg
Handsome Husband and dat pretty baby!

 photo IMG_5098_zpsq6p8hv0w.jpg

 photo IMG_5100_zpsaczjrr1k.jpg

 photo IMG_5106_zpskgkmgrrk.jpg

 photo IMG_5110_zpsxz088aj4.jpg

 photo IMG_5111_zpsxinuptlh.jpg
Rainbow Ruffle Butt

 photo IMG_5114_zpswfqlrnqs.jpg

 photo IMG_5115_zpswkevqzgl.jpg

 photo IMG_5117_zpsvfdtjol4.jpg

 photo IMG_5121_zpsdcgknj3l.jpg

 photo IMG_5132_zps20z2qu27.jpg

 photo IMG_5133_zpsvguoafam.jpg

 photo IMG_5137_zpsqwgjwlps.jpg

 photo IMG_5156_zpsctag11f3.jpg

 photo IMG_5172_zps8cq8yl0x.jpg

 photo IMG_5173_zpsrulfxjjv.jpg

 photo IMG_5170_zpszmp2hrv2.jpg

 photo IMG_5175_zpsm4uvoeyz.jpg

 photo IMG_5176_zpsvod7k2t1.jpg

 photo IMG_5178_zpst6eoa8y6.jpg

 photo IMG_5181_zpsvrgfou6u.jpg

 photo IMG_5182_zpsfeafvab6.jpg

 photo IMG_5185_zpsszbjm4kt.jpg

 photo IMG_5191_zpsuavsnpjw.jpg

 photo IMG_5192_zpsxh2vhjky.jpg

 photo IMG_5194_zpsxydayqoi.jpg

 photo IMG_5197_zps1vtibzjj.jpg

 photo IMG_5198_zpsbchsbhko.jpg

 photo IMG_5199_zpsezhw3sv3.jpg
Ella is no-nonsense about exploring Adry’s eyeball.

 photo IMG_5201_zpsuuzgozuv.jpg

 photo IMG_5203_zpslcpeey4p.jpg

 photo IMG_5204_zpskpzlwod7.jpg
Ella loves pumpkins!

 photo IMG_5219_zpsle22qgeo.jpg
Dad’s sky photo. He decided to lie in the field while we picked out our pumpkins.

 photo IMG_5220_zpsitaj8txo.jpg

 photo IMG_5223_zpsw07m0ywv.jpg

 photo IMG_5224_zpshmzdlnti.jpg

 photo IMG_5226_zpsuszlgbhc.jpg

 photo IMG_5228_zpsxbaznido.jpg

 photo IMG_5231_zpsoazbjtqw.jpg

 photo IMG_5232_zpsgmxrikpy.jpg

 photo IMG_5233_zpsbytybdvt.jpg

 photo IMG_5240_zpsxfwcoqcy.jpg

 photo IMG_5241_zpsl6cf6hgd.jpg

 photo IMG_5242_zpsqc3dihmk.jpg

 photo IMG_5245_zpsugblp0xw.jpg
Ella’s fake smile

 photo IMG_5246_zpsucfz3z1g.jpg

 photo IMG_5251_zpscajn9ejc.jpg

 photo IMG_5252_zps4pre0qim.jpg

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Halloween 2014

November 1, 2014
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Adry was The Joker this year.

He's in character saying, "Why So Sserious?"

He’s in character saying, “Why So Sserious?”


He was pretty proud of how “scary” he was.

On Wednesday evening Dad and I met Jamie, John, Tori, and Baby Tara at Friendship Village of Dublin retirement home for dinner and trick-or-treating.
Adry Halloween2
The kids ran around laughing and being loud together and had a bunch of fun.

Grandview’s Beggar’s Night was Thursday. Adry spent the evening with his dad and a few school friends.

Adry is trying to be scary!

Adry is trying to be scary!

Ben said he completely filled his bag with candy and they all had a blast.

Meanwhile I was at home in bed (not feeling well) hoping I’d go into labor on my own. Otherwise they’re inducing me in a few days! Eep!

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Boo at the Zoo 2013

October 27, 2013
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 photo IMG_3632_zps8fd5ff3e.jpg

 photo IMG_3634_zps02eca60a.jpg

 photo IMG_3635_zps3810d2bb.jpg

 photo IMG_3637_zps82c34ac0.jpg

 photo IMG_3640_zps2afcdb2d.jpg

 photo IMG_3641_zpsb583c69f.jpg
My mother was so proud of her witch costume, haha. She looked great. She even risked permanently staining her face green for the occasion!

 photo IMG_3644_zps6fe3fe65.jpg

 photo IMG_3647_zps430272b5.jpg

 photo IMG_3656_zpsa1a442cd.jpg
We met Tori, Jamie, John, Kema, and Kepa there!

 photo IMG_3658_zpsc51a21e7.jpg

 photo IMG_3662_zps212fcb07.jpg

 photo IMG_3655_zps72818232.jpg
The kids with Kema

 photo IMG_3651_zpsffd0fe57.jpg

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Pumpkin Patch 2013

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Adry, Mom, and I made it to Kuhlwein’s Farm Pumpkin Patch this year on a beautiful warm, sunny October Saturday.

 photo IMG_3591_zpsb076d06f.jpg

 photo IMG_3593_zpse52df73f.jpg

 photo IMG_3596_zps6c66e63d.jpg

 photo IMG_3599_zpsb378d4ef.jpg

 photo IMG_3600_zpsea28f836.jpg

 photo IMG_3602_zps4d6a08c3.jpg

 photo IMG_3604_zpse2ed2ce2.jpg

 photo IMG_3605_zpsa02bc0bb.jpg

 photo IMG_3608_zps7f65c94c.jpg

 photo IMG_3610_zpscce4620e.jpg
Adry and his popcorn

 photo IMG_3612_zps01cebd38.jpg

 photo IMG_3614_zps851467f3.jpg

 photo IMG_3615_zps3c67b033.jpg

 photo IMG_3616_zps7646bd71.jpg

 photo IMG_3619_zpse27a220a.jpg

 photo IMG_3624_zps5af5aa1b.jpg
He is such an animal lover. Adry stood by the animals for the longest time just going, “AAAAW! AAAW OH MY GOSH HE’S SO CUTE! AAAAAW! MOMMY LOOK AT THESE GUYS!”

 photo IMG_3629_zps12ac5c08.jpg
Smore time

A couple of weeks later Adry designed our jack-o-lanterns:
 photo IMG_3665_zps79104ca4.jpg

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Trick or Treat 2012

November 10, 2012
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All in all Adry had a pretty good Trick-or-Treat night. Keithy got him all dressed and ready to go before I got home from work.





We started going door to door and things were going really great- Adry was proud of his costume, he was confident, he was saying ‘trick or treat’ and ‘thank you’, he was getting a good colection of candy… until about 3 houses in and he suddenly said, “I’m done! Let’s go home!”

Jaw drop.

I tried my very best to encourage him to keep going and get more candy and check out all the cool costumes that the other trick-or-treaters were wearing! It took a lot out of me just to get him to do half a dozen more houses and walk up the street to see some of the neat Halloween stuff in the neighborhood. Keith even accused me of trying to live vicariously through my kid. I was all “NUH UH! Do you know how many children would love to be Adry right now! They are sitting inside all sad and alone and missing out on great memories and childhood experiences because their parents won’t let them be evil n stuff. I’m just trying to make sure Adry won’t regret not getting as much candy as possible!” (And maaaaybe I also love holidays and want Adry to love them as much as I do. Haha.What?)

Anyway, I gave in after we finished our street and we headed back to the house where our next door neighbor so generously filled Adry’s mostly empty candy bag with several handfuls of candy. (Thanks, good neighbor!) And we headed to the Grandview Community Center Halloween Party and Costume Contest where Adry was given a $25 saving account prize.



Keithy was proud stepdad 😉

We spent the rest of the night eating free goodies and sitting by a fire watching Adry have a lot of fun with the other kids at the party.

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Boo at the Zoo 2012

October 27, 2012
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Adry got to wear his costume for the first time this year for Boo at the Zoo. He said he wanted to be a zombie of course. he’s been on a zombie kick for, oh… more than half his life. (And don’t ask me how he learned so much about zombies in the first place. It’s like he was born with encyclopedia knowledge of all things walking dead. But if I had to point a finger I’d say it was his dad’s video games that he absorbed since birth.) When he was two years old, before Ben and I even split, he would tell me that we needed to get ready for the “zombie acopsolisp”. He’d stand by the window with his weapon of choice prepared to defend our home from zombie invaders. So, he’s been fighting zombies for well over two years, now. He named his cat at his dad’s house ‘Zombie’. He has literally made kids cry when he gets into zombie character and does his zombie walk. I’ve had to pull him aside at playplaces to say, “Adry, stop being so cool. It scares the children.” (Actually I never did that. I just watched and laughed and earned Best Mom Ever points.)

So Adry was very excited to get into his zombie costume. He’d been talking about it all month.

Stepdad painting his face



Finished face


When we finally got to the zoo we met up with Shirley Temple









Haystack maze

Keith and Adry posing in front of the haunted house that Adry had us walk through like four times





The manatee was hanging out right up against the glass! It was really cool.

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