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Remembering 2014, Turning 30!

January 5, 2015
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I miss you. I miss your smile. I miss chasing you and fighting for kisses. I miss looking into your eyes and seeing the same love and devotion for me that I have for you. You are the perfect other half for me and I adore you. ~Keith

 photo 2014_zps696856a8.jpg
I turn 29! …my last year in my twenties.


 photo 2014F_zps4c66e19b.jpg
We found out we were pregnant for a second time, this time with Eleanor! We weren’t really talking about it because we were still emotional about our miscarriage in December. I was so exhausted from pregnancy and working night shift that I celebrated Valentine’s Day in bed by myself with chocolates Keithy surprised me with.

 photo 2014F2_zpsf1439046.jpg
Adry was still enjoying Kindergarten.


 photo 2014M_zpsa37a183e.jpg
Adry turned 6!

 photo 2014M2_zps5914a817.jpg
Adry also got glasses! We found out he had 20/200 vision in his left eye. A long road of patching and strengthening his eye to gain sight began. We are still working on it!

 photo 2014April_zps0c3b623e.png
We saw Ella for the first time via ultrasound and heard her heartbeat. We began feeling a bit more comfortable talking about our baby on the way.

I will never forget today. Hearing that heartbeat and how strong it was…it was the most beautiful thing I’ve ever heard. I will treasure that memory for the rest of my life.” -Keith, 3.27.14


 photo 2014May_zpse0faa89b.jpg
Adry and Reese on Easter Sunday


We found out our baby was a girl!

The message said everything looked completely normal and it looked like we were having… a baby GIRL. My jaw instantly dropped and a huge grin spread across Adry’s face. I was so glad to share that moment with him, just he and I. It was really special.

 photo 2014May4_zps04178ff0.jpg

 photo 2014May3_zpse6c4ed12.jpg
Mom and I hung out with these crazy boys on Mother’s Day.

 photo 2014May2_zpsc5ea3209.jpg
We took a trip to Baltimore to see Alexz graduate with her Masters!


OKAY. We still need HEADBANDS. The kind with flowers. And SHOES. She needs white sandals. I like white sandals. And I think that’s all she needs. OH AND A TOOTHBRUSH. ~Adry

 photo 2014June1_zps9b9a6eac.jpg
We spent so many great Friday nights together dancing to music in Bicentennial Park.

 photo 2014June2_zps2a060253.jpg
We took a Father’s Day trip to Yellow Springs with the fam.

 photo 2014June3_zps1d0ed82d.jpg
We got to see Ella’s profile and all her adorable little body parts during her anatomy ultrasound.


 photo 2014July_zps8c844b34.jpg
Adry learned to swim!

 photo 2014June_zpsa735352b.jpg
We enjoyed many fun game nights in 2o14!

 photo 2014July4_zps3209857e.jpg
Keith and I had a lovely date in Park of Roses.

 photo 2014July5_zps74c01b59.jpg
And James and I did a lot of pregnancy commiserating!


 photo 2014August_zpsac06ff9a.jpg
We got to get a peek at Ella in a 3D ultrasound!

I enjoy hearing Keithy daydream about his daughter. He wonders what she’ll look like, what kind of person she will fall in love with one day, what kinds of things she’ll do with her life… I like hearing all the possibilities and ‘what ifs’ rolling through his head.

 photo 2014Aug2_zps1220fea6.jpg
I wore a heart monitor for 30 days!

We also took a trip to Indianapolis Museum of Art for Dad’s birthday!

 photo 2014Aug2_zps8fff732b.jpg
Tara was born!


 photo 2014Sept_zps25801347.jpg

Eleanor, I can’t wait to see you take your first breath and take you home. ~Keith

 photo 2014Sept2_zps0dfbecf7.jpg
I was given a lovely baby shower.

 photo 2014Aug4_zps7c6d235c.jpg
I was so proud of my FIRST GRADER Adry!

 photo 2014Sept3_zps5ec50e93.jpg
I was also proud of my Market District Gourmet Chef Husband!

 photo 2014Sept5_zps5da3110d.jpg
Keith and I celebrated two years of marriage <3.


 photo 2014Oct_zps9524a6e0.jpg


 photo 2014Nov2_zps2804ee4a.jpg
I finally met my beautiful daughter.

And Keithy turned 30!

I love you very much and I hope you feel valued and celebrated today! I hope you have a wonderful birthday and an awesome 30s. I’m such a lucky girl to be able to spend it with you.

I turn 30 today. this morning I got to wake up to this and I was enraptured by these two ladies. The moment lasted for an eternity; golden, pure and clear.
I would have never considered my 3 decades of life lacking anything until this moment. ~Keith

 photo 2014Nov5_zps9750d799.jpg


Becca graduated from OSU!

 photo Dec2014_zpsbd9755ff.jpg

 photo 2014December_zpsa244d918.jpg
We had a nice Christmas season and Baby’s first Christmas.


We ended the year at Les’ house. Family and friends enjoyed a taco bar and pinata and gathered in the living room together with champaign to watch the ball drop and kiss our loved ones. I welcomed 2015 beside my husband and snuggled close to my children.

Three days later I celebrated my own 30th birthday and it was really one of the best birthdays I’ve had in a long time. I relieved myself of mom chore responsibilities so that Ella and I could spend the morning and afternoon snuggling and dozing off together. Then for my birthday dinner I requested broccoli cheddar soup and sour dough bread. Mom made it for me even though she was so sick and stayed in bed the rest of the night. Keith’s dad made me a buckeye square dessert that I loved so much when I tried it at their house on Christmas. Dad got some other goodies, added chili to my dinner menu, and set the house up so that he, both my brothers and their ladies, Jessie and Jamie and their guys, and Keith, me, and Ella could come over for a little birthday hang out. We had drinks, ate my birthday meal, played Things and Spoons and had a Skittles tournament. I EVEN GOT PRESENTS FROM EVERYONE and it made me so happy! haha! I’m not really used to getting so many nice gifts on my birthday! I got money, gift certificates, a crafty home-decorated mug, giant Reese’s Cups, the most delicious chocolate buckeye pie, picture frames, a baby supply gift basket and the promise of a pedicure! So many things!

For 2015 and the start of a whole new decade (my thirties!) I am looking forward to more adventures with Keith and watching Ella grow and develop a relationship with her brother. That’s really about as far as my goals and ambitions go this year; I just want to love and enjoy these beautiful people in my life. I’m gettin’ older, keepin’ it simple!

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A Sanders Thanksgiving 2014

December 20, 2014
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Once again my mother, The Food Woman, and my husband, Chef Daddy, spent HOURS planning, shopping for, and preparing an absolutely delicious Thanksgiving meal for 23 people who got to enjoy it at a beautifully decorated table.

I cannot remember all the dishes, but to name a few: three kinds of stuffing (to accommodate the vegetarians and those with aversions to onions), two kinds of sweet potatoes, church potatoes, brussels sprout salad, deviled eggs, two kinds of soup (one made by Alexz who brought a couple of other yummy dishes), homemade rolls, salad and corn casserole made by Sherry, and several desserts… the list goes on. It was a proper Thanksgiving with stretchy pants and food comas.

 photo IMG_4608_zpsa384af79.jpg
Rebecca and J dressed Ella up in her Chef Baby outfit.

 photo IMG_4610_zpsd86a34f1.jpg

 photo IMG_4611_zpsb49b0086.jpg

 photo IMG_4630_zpsf2b5568b.jpg

 photo IMG_4635_zpseeff31c7.jpg

 photo IMG_4650_zps03b2724f.jpg

 photo IMG_4661_zpsbbf57fea.jpg

 photo IMG_4673_zps5ab598a6.jpg
Adry stood by the window for the longest time anxiously awaiting Tori’s arrival.

 photo IMG_4677_zps3c2510d0.jpg

 photo IMG_4678_zpsd8d4933c.jpg

Apparently Mom asked J and Rebecca to set out extra toilet paper rolls in the bathroom.
 photo IMG_4684_zps09cd84de.jpg

 photo IMG_4685_zps297bf3e6.jpg

 photo IMG_4695_zpsf47f781c.jpg
The Bird

 photo IMG_4697_zpsa7519477.jpg

 photo IMG_4698_zpsbeb95d70.jpg

 photo IMG_4699_zps079eee35.jpg

 photo IMG_4707_zps0c065153.jpg

 photo IMG_4712_zpsf8cf7fdd.jpg

 photo IMG_4717_zps87b03b8e.jpg

 photo IMG_4724_zps3a2c6847.jpg

 photo IMG_4726_zps8a944e81.jpg
Reese decided to cuddle with my poor sick boy.

 photo IMG_4730_zps80af6dc7.jpg

 photo IMG_4736_zpsd4f72def.jpg

 photo IMG_4747_zpse315a7f3.jpg

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The Birth Story of Miss Eleanor Joyce (PART III)

December 6, 2014
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After the grandparents had their chance to visit with Ella the rest of our friends and family came in to see her.



I would like to say how incredibly thankful I am for all of the love and support we received on Miss Eleanor’s birthday.
First there were the troopers who came in the wee hours of the morning: Jamie (and Tori), Les, and Pam along with the grandparents.
My brothers and Rebecca came soon after.
The group took over and had one of the waiting rooms all to themselves while they took shifts coming back to the labor room to visit me.
My brothers came back during the honeymoon of my epidural. They discovered rolly chairs and played bumper cars with them which made me laugh. THAT’S when they also discovered that when I laughed it showed up on the contraction monitor so they began trying to outdo each other with who could make me laugh the hardest. They tried to time it at the height of my contractions so that my laugh would reach the highest point on the graph and they totally succeeded which goes to show how great I was feeling in the earlier parts of labor! Gotta love The Brothers.

ANYWAY. Back to after Ella was born…

After everyone had a chance to meet her they cleaned me up a bit and wheeled me to my postpartum room where she had her first bath.


And Daddy did his very first diaper change.


Ella and I got to enjoy some skin-to-skin time while Jamie and Ella’s BFF Tara joined us.






Several other people joined us that evening to meet Eleanor including Alexz, Jessie, Keith’s brother and his wife, and Ash.


As the evening was wrapping up we told Adry it was time for him to go home and to bed. It absolutely broke his little heart to have to leave his new sister. He crawled in bed with me and Ella, and I saw huge crocodile tears welling up in his eyes. I could tell he was trying to hold it back but the tears spilled over and he just couldn’t stop crying. Poor little guy. So much emotion for a 6-year-old! I just held him there for awhile.


Jamie took Adry to his dad’s for the night. She stopped by the store to print off pictures of Ella for Adry to keep with him and look at when he missed her. (The next day he went to school and stood in front of his class to shared the pictures: A proud big brother!)

That night, after all our visitors had said goodnight and left the hospital, Keith and I enjoyed some time- just the three of us- to love on our new daughter (and eat up all the delicious chocolaty bark Alexz made for us!). Then I took everyone’s advice and tried to take advantage of the nursery to get some rest. I reluctantly handed Eleanor over to the nurse.

1.5 hours later I was in bed wide-eyed, anxious, and envious of Keith’s peaceful deep-sleep breathing I was hearing from the fold out bed on the other side of the room. So I did what any good wife would do– I woke him up and told him I needed my daughter! When she was back beside me I admired her a little longer before finally falling asleep.


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Halloween 2014

November 1, 2014
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Adry was The Joker this year.

He's in character saying, "Why So Sserious?"

He’s in character saying, “Why So Sserious?”


He was pretty proud of how “scary” he was.

On Wednesday evening Dad and I met Jamie, John, Tori, and Baby Tara at Friendship Village of Dublin retirement home for dinner and trick-or-treating.
Adry Halloween2
The kids ran around laughing and being loud together and had a bunch of fun.

Grandview’s Beggar’s Night was Thursday. Adry spent the evening with his dad and a few school friends.

Adry is trying to be scary!

Adry is trying to be scary!

Ben said he completely filled his bag with candy and they all had a blast.

Meanwhile I was at home in bed (not feeling well) hoping I’d go into labor on my own. Otherwise they’re inducing me in a few days! Eep!

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A Shower for Ella Bella Part II

September 26, 2014
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Weeks before the shower my mom had Keith make a list of 23 things about having a daughter that he was excited for, and 1 message to me. She cut the list into strips and taped each of the 23 things to a pink rose, and taped the message to me on a single red rose. She put the roses in centerpiece vases on the tables and during the shower I walked around and read them. It was the sweetest thing.

What Daddy is Excited About:

1) Eleanor, I cannot wait to hold you in my arms. Your mom has carried you enough and I want my turn.

2) Eleanor, I am so excited to see your smile and hear your laugh.

3) Eleanor, I look forward to holding your hands and seeing you learn how to walk.

4) Baby Eleanor, I can’t wait for the day that you learn to say mama and dada.

5) Eleanor, I am so excited to take you out and show you off to the whole world.

6) I am already planning father-daughter dates. Don’t judge me.

7) I can’t wait to watch you grow up and see which of us you look like. I hope it’s your mom.

8) I am excited to see what your interests and passions are.

9) I am beyond excited to see the friendship that you’ll have with your big brother. You haven’t met him yet but he is the awesomest big brother you could ever want to have.

10) Dearest Daughter, I can’t wait for you to meet your grandparents. Be warned, though, they will spoil you silly.

11) Eleanor, I’m excited to take you to your first day of school, even though it means you’ll be growing up.

12) Dear Eleanor, I can’t wait to see the color of your eyes.

13) Daughter, I can’t wait to teach you how to ride a bike, and feel proud when we take the training wheels off.

14) Eleanor, I’m excited to see what your favorite bedtime books are even though I’ll probably get sick of reading them.

15) Dear Daughter, I can’t wait to teach you how to swim.

16) Dearest Eleanor, while it’s true that Mommy runs the bank in our house, I promise to sneak off with the credit card as often as possible to get you whatever you want. (Jessica, please don’t murder me to death.)

17) Eleanor, I’m excited and terrified in equal measures to see you make your own fashion choices. Please, for my sanity, make wise choices, or at least don’t let me see the bad ones.

18) Dear Daughter, I can’t wait to take you to the zoo so you can choose your favorite animal.

19) Dearest Eleanor, your daddy is old and his imagination doesn’t work so well anymore, but I look forward to our tea parties.

20) My dearest daughter, I can’t wait to see the relationship you build with your mom, and the bonds you’ll create with her as you grow up.

21) Eleanor, I can’t wait for the day that you can understand the words “I love you”.

22) Dear Daughter, I can’t honestly day I’m looking forward to you dating, but I swear that I will be a shoulder to cry on and a bringer of ice cream when some damn fool breaks your heart.

23) Eleanor, I can’t wait to see you take your first breath and take you home.

24) Dear Jessica, I used to think my life couldn’t get any better. Thank you so much for proving me wrong and giving me the greatest gift of my life. I am so excited to meet my daughter and add her to our awesome family. I love you.

Group Photos At The End Of The Shower:

 photo IMG_4179_zps3db27a62.jpg

 photo IMG_4180_zps5f324d63.jpg
 photo IMG_4181_zps39fc8cc2.jpg
 photo IMG_4182_zpsee4caf54.jpg
 photo IMG_4185_zps4093212b.jpg
 photo IMG_4186_zpse61174e5.jpg
 photo IMG_4190_zps566341f4.jpg
 photo IMG_4192_zps99de117b.jpg
 photo IMG_4193_zps44d5b398.jpg
 photo IMG_4198_zpsd7e97b0d.jpg
 photo IMG_4199_zps5f4f97ef.jpg
 photo IMG_4205_zpse9d7b4d3.jpg
 photo IMG_4206_zps71e67d15.jpg
 photo IMG_4207_zps8a8fc39c.jpg
 photo IMG_4208_zpsb48cf311.jpg
 photo IMG_4209_zps35422c04.jpg
 photo IMG_4210_zpsc704610f.jpg
 photo IMG_4211_zps633363fe.jpg

Keith’s mom, my mom, and I got to share a special moment. While we were standing there together I asked Sherry if she would join Mom, me, and Keith in the birthing room to be my third labor partner and witness Ella’s delivery. She was so happy!
 photo IMG_4212_zps9071eb6f.jpg
 photo IMG_4214_zps274dac7e.jpg
 photo IMG_4215_zps94a40e5e.jpg photo IMG_4216_zpsef52998a.jpg
 photo IMG_4219_zps6f47c63c.jpg
Jamie was standing nearby and said, “I will pass the trash can to Sherry!”
Jamie was my third labor partner for Adry and she spent a large chunk of that time holding the trash can for me while I puked! It was a glamorous job and she did it well! I will miss her, but I know it will mean the world to Sherry to be there with her son for the birth of her granddaughter.
 photo IMG_4217_zps32c26b15.jpg
 photo IMG_4218_zpsbb1021e2.jpg
 photo IMG_4220_zps10300208.jpg
 photo IMG_4222_zpsf2fea58c.jpg
 photo IMG_4223_zps15cecffb.jpg
 photo IMG_4224_zps586a3121.jpg
 photo IMG_4226_zps54ebc2cb.jpg
 photo IMG_4228_zpsf58b30c2.jpg
 photo IMG_4230_zpsd41eecf3.jpg

Thank you, Mom, for the very lovely baby shower!

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And the game nights go on…

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August 9th Game Night

at Jessie and Ben’s condo
(pics given by Ash)

 photo IMG_2144_zps15d0b8a3.jpg

 photo IMG_2143_zps592f5fb6.jpg

 photo IMG_2142_zpsd502d00e.jpg

 photo IMG_2141_zps4d01c33d.jpg

 photo IMG_2139_zpsc2100ae5.jpg

 photo IMG_2137_zpsfd7ec7f4.jpg

 photo IMG_2138_zpsff5d2ae5.jpg

 photo IMG_2140_zpsaf7c5928.jpg

 photo IMG_2136_zps8e929d89.jpg

 photo IMG_2135_zps6625e060.jpg

 photo IMG_2134_zps77b68f53.jpg

 photo IMG_2133_zps3fd9e3dd.jpg

 photo IMG_2131_zps6e508c8d.jpg
Photo Bombed

 photo IMG_2130_zps90e6ceea.jpg
Photo Bombed

 photo IMG_2129_zpsfa2d0e1a.jpg
Photo Bombed Again!

 photo IMG_2132_zpsffa490ae.jpg
Photo Bombed One Last Time!

September 6th Game Night

was at J and Becca’s house. No pictures to share, but it was fun! …Even though I was so pregnant and exhausted that I fell asleep, I enjoyed my time.

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James ‘n Jess Bellies <3

August 4, 2014
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Have I mentioned that The Best Friend, Jamie, is pregnant, too!?
Well she is! She’s 37 weeks with Baby Girl #2.
We decided, since we will more than likely never be pregnant at the same time again, to hurry up and get some photos before Baby Tara decides to come out.

I gave Dad my camera and asked him to snap a few of us:

 photo IMG_4114_2_zps49b2ddbf.jpg

 photo IMG_4114_zps04cdffe4.jpg

 photo IMG_4115_2_zps8e4c6d80.jpg

 photo IMG_4121_zps1e251ffb.jpg

 photo IMG_4122_2_zpsb27cb868.jpg

 photo IMG_4123_zpsdee89108.jpg

 photo IMG_4124_zps0185b0b5.jpg

 photo IMG_4128_zpsab842ff8.jpg

 photo IMG_4129_zps8e8e277d.jpg
BATMAN! (NOT Batgirl.)

 photo IMG_4130_zps53e80f66.jpg
Brother climbing the tree to get an overhead shot

 photo IMG_4131_zps533fffe5.jpg
Where our toes?

 photo IMG_4132_zps568388b9.jpg

 photo IMG_4133_2_zps8c4305e0.jpg

Keithy and I decided to take advantage of a photo op:
 photo IMG_4135_zps57ed5997.jpg

 photo IMG_4138_zps53335436.jpg

 photo IMG_4139_zpsf2b0b392.jpg

 photo IMG_4140_zps579c64c3.jpg

 photo IMG_4141_zps50c7d6fe.jpg

 photo IMG_4142_zpsc1971191.jpg

John joined his three Buccilla girls:
 photo IMG_4144_zpsc4f3620b.jpg photo IMG_4145_zpsd00d3cf6.jpg

 photo IMG_4146_zps6d7d81da.jpg

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Gaaame Nite!

July 29, 2014
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Ash held the latest “Kid Game Night” at her place this month.
She took a handful of phone pics for us and I wanted to paste them here for memory’s sake.
It was a fun night, and I am thankful for all these folks. They enrich my life with SO many laughs and a lifetime of support and friendship. Invaluable.

 photo IMG_2061_zpsc0cee075.jpg
Playin’ Cards Against Humanity (from Jamie’s phone)

 photo IMG_2056_zps84654de6.jpg
The Girls- Jessie Alpha (Ryan’s new bride), Alexz, Ash, Becca, me and Ella, Jessie

 photo IMG_2057_zps0b872e7e.jpg
The Boys- Ryan, Keithy, Ash’s Ryan, Ben (Jessie’s husband), and the brothers T.Matt and J

 photo IMG_2058_zps342993ce.jpg

 photo IMG_2059_zpsa8685f8e.jpg
The Rymance. (They both showed up with Ironman shirts, haha)

 photo IMG_2062_zpsb03761f4.jpg

 photo IMG_2063_zpsf665fa22.jpg

 photo IMG_2064_zps504785e8.jpg

 photo IMG_2065_zpscdcacca4.jpg

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The Jimmies

April 29, 2014
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I grew up going to a Nazarene church in a little facility in Dublin. At one point in time, a little private school rented the facility for use Monday through Friday. I was about preteen age, maybe 11 or 12ish?, and the thought of there being other kids my age in the building when I wasn’t there inspired me to… penpal! So I began writing letters every week and tacking them to the classroom bulletin board hoping to make a writing friend.

And it worked! The Jimmies wrote back! Their names were Jimy, Jimmy, and Jimmie. Each week we tacked new letters to each other on the bulletin board. They wrote all about how they were the best of friends and did everything together. They told me about all their trouble-making, adventures, and misadventures. They had a lacrosse team, which they eventually dubbed ‘Jimmy and The Jimmies’ (because their coach was named Jimmy, too) and they kept me up-to-date on their weekly games. At one point their handwriting changed from hardly-legible chicken scratch to big bubbly lettering. They told me they were having their friend Erin write their letters for them because her handwriting was better.

The Jimmies were funny and interesting, and I truly enjoyed our correspondence.

I remember doing most of the pen-paling on my own, but I did have Jessie and Jamie with me when I wrote the first letter. I’m sure we signed the note something to the effect of ‘~Jess, Jessie, and Jamie’. Maybe more like, ‘*~*~~*<3Jess, Jessie, and Jamie<3*~~*~*’ because that was like totally the cool way to sign notes back then.

And, well… I’m 29 now so it’s been… 17ish or so years… and it took me that long to look back over that memory and realize….

The Jimmies never existed.

Nope. Never did.

The Jimmies and their tales had to have been completely fabricated, poking fun at the fact that Jessie, Jamie, and I were best friends and had such similar ‘J’ names.

Have you ever watched Beautiful Mind? You know the part where you find out the beloved best friend, Charles, doesn’t actually exist? Do you remember how you felt!?

My cool, clever, funny little penpals never flippin’ existed!

Jimmies, you bastards!

Well played.

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