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January 2018
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Ella’s <3 Princess <3 Party

November 25, 2017
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My Eleanor Joyce turned 3 years old on November 4th.

I had a really good time celebrating her young and incredibly vibrant life with an apartment full of people who also love her. I am so incredibly grateful. My mother generously provided delicious pizzas, chips, drinks, cake, ice cream etc. for everyone to enjoy. Thanks so much, Mom!

Upstairs I set out a make-your-own Princess/King/Queen crown craft and I think the adults had more fun with it than the kids did.

In my basement I had a ball pit, tunnel, art corner, dress-up station, toy kitchen, and our various other play room toys, and the kids pretty much hung out down there until presents, cake & ice cream time.

There was probably a little bit of cheating before we cut the cake. But what fun is it to turn 3 if you can’t break convention a time or two and get hot pink icing all over your face and your friends’ faces, too! Right?

Ella Belle is healthy. she is full to the brim of joy and enthusiasm and wonderment of the world around her. She is curious, tough, brave, observant, and outgoing. She is sassy, dramatic, bossy, strong-willed, defiant, and possibly a bit a lot temperamental. She makes her own rules, and, as a gymnastics teacher of hers once said: “Eleanor does what she wants.”
She consistently wins the hearts of strangers in an instant, and drives Mommy and Daddy certifiably crazy on the daily. She is the most challenging, thrilling, and the most joyful experience of my life. She is quite literally a great adventure in and of herself — We have gone through SO many things with her these past three years, both terrifying and rewarding. I am quite certain she has stripped years from my life, but I’d give even more for this experience of life with her in it.

I know I’ve mentioned this before— I don’t know if other parents have the experience of loving their children in equal but incredibly different ways. Before I had Ella I honestly didn’t know how I’d love anyone like I love Adry. Quite frankly, I don’t love anyone in this world like I love Adry. He is my passion. I love him fiercely; my heart aches with it. And Eleanor, hands down, is my joy. She makes my heart fly.

I love you SO much, El. I’m glad you had a very happy birthday!

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Ella’s First Birthday Party

December 6, 2015
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Baby Girl’s very first ever birthday party was last month.

My Birthday Pumpkin!

 photo IMG_3371_zpsdcgzcqgi.jpg

 photo IMG_3367_zpsmw3y9pl6.jpg
with Aunt Becca

 photo IMG_3368_zpssqwpobhn.jpg

Aunt Rebecca shared a special moment with Ella during which Ella said “hi” back to her for the first time. It meant a lot to her, especially since she’s an SPL grad student, and in turn it made me very happy that Ella has her Aunt Becca in her life 🙂

 photo IMG_3363_zpsp9lxryjg.jpg
This is my momma’s One Year of Ella project!

 photo IMG_3407_zpspoyhkzyn.jpg

 photo IMG_3365_zps4ez9hskh.jpg
Aunt Alexz made this adorable and delicious pumpkin cake with cream cheese icing! Another amazing auntie in Ella’s life… she’s a very lucky girl.

 photo IMG_3406_zpsxt4bucqc.jpg

 photo IMG_8043_zpsc1xusili.jpg

 photo IMG_3366_zpse8xcrwex.jpg

 photo Ella party_zpsj3pkubnh.jpg
Time for opening presents!

 photo IMG_3376_zpsi82hz5ba.jpg
playing with Tara

 photo IMG_8061_zps7do7rtd6.jpg
one of our attempts at a group photo, haha

Here are a couple of other attempts for fun!
 photo IMG_8060_zpsurjbq1zv.jpg

 photo IMG_8058_zpst3pyegio.jpg

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A Sanders Thanksgiving 2014

December 20, 2014
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Once again my mother, The Food Woman, and my husband, Chef Daddy, spent HOURS planning, shopping for, and preparing an absolutely delicious Thanksgiving meal for 23 people who got to enjoy it at a beautifully decorated table.

I cannot remember all the dishes, but to name a few: three kinds of stuffing (to accommodate the vegetarians and those with aversions to onions), two kinds of sweet potatoes, church potatoes, brussels sprout salad, deviled eggs, two kinds of soup (one made by Alexz who brought a couple of other yummy dishes), homemade rolls, salad and corn casserole made by Sherry, and several desserts… the list goes on. It was a proper Thanksgiving with stretchy pants and food comas.

 photo IMG_4608_zpsa384af79.jpg
Rebecca and J dressed Ella up in her Chef Baby outfit.

 photo IMG_4610_zpsd86a34f1.jpg

 photo IMG_4611_zpsb49b0086.jpg

 photo IMG_4630_zpsf2b5568b.jpg

 photo IMG_4635_zpseeff31c7.jpg

 photo IMG_4650_zps03b2724f.jpg

 photo IMG_4661_zpsbbf57fea.jpg

 photo IMG_4673_zps5ab598a6.jpg
Adry stood by the window for the longest time anxiously awaiting Tori’s arrival.

 photo IMG_4677_zps3c2510d0.jpg

 photo IMG_4678_zpsd8d4933c.jpg

Apparently Mom asked J and Rebecca to set out extra toilet paper rolls in the bathroom.
 photo IMG_4684_zps09cd84de.jpg

 photo IMG_4685_zps297bf3e6.jpg

 photo IMG_4695_zpsf47f781c.jpg
The Bird

 photo IMG_4697_zpsa7519477.jpg

 photo IMG_4698_zpsbeb95d70.jpg

 photo IMG_4699_zps079eee35.jpg

 photo IMG_4707_zps0c065153.jpg

 photo IMG_4712_zpsf8cf7fdd.jpg

 photo IMG_4717_zps87b03b8e.jpg

 photo IMG_4724_zps3a2c6847.jpg

 photo IMG_4726_zps8a944e81.jpg
Reese decided to cuddle with my poor sick boy.

 photo IMG_4730_zps80af6dc7.jpg

 photo IMG_4736_zpsd4f72def.jpg

 photo IMG_4747_zpse315a7f3.jpg

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Halloween 2014

November 1, 2014
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Adry was The Joker this year.

He's in character saying, "Why So Sserious?"

He’s in character saying, “Why So Sserious?”


He was pretty proud of how “scary” he was.

On Wednesday evening Dad and I met Jamie, John, Tori, and Baby Tara at Friendship Village of Dublin retirement home for dinner and trick-or-treating.
Adry Halloween2
The kids ran around laughing and being loud together and had a bunch of fun.

Grandview’s Beggar’s Night was Thursday. Adry spent the evening with his dad and a few school friends.

Adry is trying to be scary!

Adry is trying to be scary!

Ben said he completely filled his bag with candy and they all had a blast.

Meanwhile I was at home in bed (not feeling well) hoping I’d go into labor on my own. Otherwise they’re inducing me in a few days! Eep!

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And the game nights go on…

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August 9th Game Night

at Jessie and Ben’s condo
(pics given by Ash)

 photo IMG_2144_zps15d0b8a3.jpg

 photo IMG_2143_zps592f5fb6.jpg

 photo IMG_2142_zpsd502d00e.jpg

 photo IMG_2141_zps4d01c33d.jpg

 photo IMG_2139_zpsc2100ae5.jpg

 photo IMG_2137_zpsfd7ec7f4.jpg

 photo IMG_2138_zpsff5d2ae5.jpg

 photo IMG_2140_zpsaf7c5928.jpg

 photo IMG_2136_zps8e929d89.jpg

 photo IMG_2135_zps6625e060.jpg

 photo IMG_2134_zps77b68f53.jpg

 photo IMG_2133_zps3fd9e3dd.jpg

 photo IMG_2131_zps6e508c8d.jpg
Photo Bombed

 photo IMG_2130_zps90e6ceea.jpg
Photo Bombed

 photo IMG_2129_zpsfa2d0e1a.jpg
Photo Bombed Again!

 photo IMG_2132_zpsffa490ae.jpg
Photo Bombed One Last Time!

September 6th Game Night

was at J and Becca’s house. No pictures to share, but it was fun! …Even though I was so pregnant and exhausted that I fell asleep, I enjoyed my time.

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James ‘n Jess Bellies <3

August 4, 2014
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Have I mentioned that The Best Friend, Jamie, is pregnant, too!?
Well she is! She’s 37 weeks with Baby Girl #2.
We decided, since we will more than likely never be pregnant at the same time again, to hurry up and get some photos before Baby Tara decides to come out.

I gave Dad my camera and asked him to snap a few of us:

 photo IMG_4114_2_zps49b2ddbf.jpg

 photo IMG_4114_zps04cdffe4.jpg

 photo IMG_4115_2_zps8e4c6d80.jpg

 photo IMG_4121_zps1e251ffb.jpg

 photo IMG_4122_2_zpsb27cb868.jpg

 photo IMG_4123_zpsdee89108.jpg

 photo IMG_4124_zps0185b0b5.jpg

 photo IMG_4128_zpsab842ff8.jpg

 photo IMG_4129_zps8e8e277d.jpg
BATMAN! (NOT Batgirl.)

 photo IMG_4130_zps53e80f66.jpg
Brother climbing the tree to get an overhead shot

 photo IMG_4131_zps533fffe5.jpg
Where our toes?

 photo IMG_4132_zps568388b9.jpg

 photo IMG_4133_2_zps8c4305e0.jpg

Keithy and I decided to take advantage of a photo op:
 photo IMG_4135_zps57ed5997.jpg

 photo IMG_4138_zps53335436.jpg

 photo IMG_4139_zpsf2b0b392.jpg

 photo IMG_4140_zps579c64c3.jpg

 photo IMG_4141_zps50c7d6fe.jpg

 photo IMG_4142_zpsc1971191.jpg

John joined his three Buccilla girls:
 photo IMG_4144_zpsc4f3620b.jpg photo IMG_4145_zpsd00d3cf6.jpg

 photo IMG_4146_zps6d7d81da.jpg

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