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Little snapshots of my life of late…

June 10, 2009
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I saw this picture and the insistent ‘to dye or not to dye’ debate on my head was ended. I will not dye. Not this season. I thought I might go a shade lighter for summer, or at least add highlights, but I like the solid mousy brown. for now. Perhaps next season…

I took this photo at the very onset of my pink eye last week. It’s eeewy and gooey, I warn you:
I woke up the next morning with my eye glued shut. LUCKILY it was gone by the next evening! The Azithromycin must have knocked it out.

I KNOW my baby is feeling icky when he sits forEVER like this:
Poor baby. He had two terrible ear infections. He seems to be doing a lot better now, though. I’m still woking on fighting MY germs :-/.

He was watching his grampa (my dad) ride his mountain bike in the yard…


This (along with a manicure) was my Mother’s Day present that I just cashed in this past weekend. You know, I think I will never pay to have my nails done again. I dropped 75 bucks, and had a chip on my big toenail before I even walked out the door. All of the white polish from my french manicure on my right hand is all chipped off. SUCK! Not worth it. Oh well, at least I got to spend time with my mom! And my nails DID look nice for our outdoorsy barefoot photo shoot my family had. I’m excited to see those pictures! (THANKS, Alexz for being the best EVER help with Adry for the pictures!)

Now that I am looking back on it, I DID have a very pleasant weekend. On Saturday mom and I got pampered together, and then we had a small little family cookout. Dad and I stayed up late after everyone had left or gone to bed and just talked and talked and talked about EVERYTHING. I LOVE when we get to do that. I learn so much from my dad.

Sunday was a fairly busy Sunday– we had our photoshoot, then went to Cheeseburger in Paradise for lunch.

While waiting for the restaurant to open, dad thought it a perfect time to do some harmonica playing:

Haha, they thought I was taking a picture. I’m pretty sure my mom never figured out it was video, lol.

After eating there were a few quick errands to run, and I was able to briefly enjoy sitting in my parents’ yard under a shade tree. I was on my back looking at the sky through the branches… it was SO pretty, and I tried to capture it in a picture, but of course I didn’t come close.

We then went to see UP. (My second time seeing it, and I was 10X more emotional the second time around for some reason. I definitely cried like three times. ugh. It really is a cute movie.) Then more time under the tree. Then Ariel’s graduation party. Then I was so exhausted I couldn’t stay awake. I tried coke. I tried sugar. Oh man I crashed. My family had game night that night and I was so tired I can’t remember what happened. I attempted to participate and was failing miserably, that’s all I know.

Mom and Adry the Monday after a busy weekend:

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April 25, 2009
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The Soloist is brilliant. Beautiful. Go see it, seriously. Forget the stupid mother effron movie ‘Obsessed’, which knocked the # of movie showings for ‘The Soloist’ down to FOUR at the Lennox so that we had to see it at Rave, at which everyone in front of us in line bought tickets to ‘Obsessed’.

Oh, and they are making a movie of the book ‘My Sister’s Keeper’ and the little girl from ‘Little Miss Sunshine’ is playing Anna! That will definitely be on my movie priority list.

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Books and Movies (Day Three)

March 1, 2009
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Lent Day Three (Friday, February 27)

List of Books I Want to Read (probably in this order):
1) Finish The Heart is a Lonely Hunter by McCullers (I’ve been slacking on that one, but it’s good- half way through!)
2) CS Lewis’s Surprised by Joy
3) A Chuck Palahniuk book (either Fight Club, Choke, or Invisible Monsters [since the movie is coming out in 2010] but I think I may be leaning more towards Fight Club)
4) The book series Ciara let Ben borrow (I forget what it is called)
5) CS Lewis’s The Problem of Pain and/or Mere Christianity (I’ve read the Narnia series and The Screwtape Letters and I loved them both immensely, so you would think I’d have sought out his apologetics by now.)
6) Wells’s The Time Machine (I can’t believe I’ve never read an HG Wells book. All this time I had myself convinced I’d read his ‘The Invisible Man’, but it turns out I actually read ‘Invisible Man’ by Ellison. Facepalm-I’m an idiot.)
7) Re-read The Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy “trilogy”

List of Movies I Want to See (not in this order/some have not been released yet)
1) Revolutionary Road (Kate Winslet + Leo, duh!)
2) The Reader (Kate Winslet)
3) Slumdog Millionaire (won best movie)
4) Coraline (the animation looks cool)
5) Watchmen (trailer won me over)
6) Iron Man (Love Robert Downey Jr)
7) The Soloist (Robert Downey Jr + trailer looks good + story sounds interesting + director of ‘Atonement’)
8) The Time Traveler’s Wife (loved the book, love Rachel McAdams)
9) MILK (not gunna lie, this story does not interest me, but I love Sean Penn; his acting won my heart in ‘Mystic River’ and ‘I am Sam’, so I can’t miss any of his movies.)

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media. food.

October 5, 2008
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sooo, I finished The Time Traveler’s Wife sometime the week before last er something. Loved it. Recommend it. I tried to read Passage by Connie Willis, and it was dumb, so I did my usual read the first, middle, and last chapter and then moved right along to 1984 by George Orwell. I am about an eighth of the way through and I LOVE it. It makes me very much want to read Animal Farm.

And I want to see Nick and Nora.

well, nothing else is going on in my life. Really. Nothing.
Hutch and my husband just bought a whole bunch of stuff to use for batter and deep frying all kinds of random things (mac n cheese, Snickers, turkey…) So, uh, that should be fun and completely against my diet and evil in all ways possible.

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mini review

September 23, 2008
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The Chumscrubber-

freakin’ weird movie! but I really like it somehow. it reminds me of Donnie Darko for some reason- like The Chumscrubber and Donnie Darko are brothers; very different brothers, but still related.
well, I think I’ll recommend this movie to Darko fans out there!

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on the new batman movie and the avatar series finale…

July 19, 2008
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I saw Batman The Black Night tonight.
I really did NOT like Batman Begins. Bleck.
I became maybe a little excited for this one when my brother J said, “The Black Night will change the movie world as we know it! It will be revolutionary! People will begin to refer to points in time as pre black night and post black night. In the future when movies from the past are discussed people will say, ‘was that pre-TBN or post-TBN?'”

….I didn’t think it was quite that good, but I was entertained. I maybe got a little sad about Heath Ledger, which surprised me because I initially didn’t care all that much (at all). I do LOVE movies, though, and he is (well, was) a talented actor–he was extremely versatile… I guess, for the sake of my love for movies, I will miss his talent. And lets face it, he did have a nice smile. Anyway, he did a great job playing Joker. He was the best part of the movie. Without him I think I would have hated it.

I didn’t think Maggie Gyllenhaal was up to par in this movie. Just not a roll for her. Bad casting in my opinion. I actually thought she did a worse job than Katie Holmes and I was pretty convinced no one could have been quite as bad as Katie Holmes at playing Rachel.
I guess I don’t really *get* why Gotham City SO BADLY needs to believe that Harvey Dent was a hero and that Batman committed the murders!?!? Please, someone convince me that this makes sense! I understand the whole blah blah Harvey was the only hero that legitimately cleaned the streets and Batman is an outlaw, blah blah… But I’m pretty sure Gotham isn’t made up of 5 year olds. Fact is, Harvey Dent is dead (at least the goody good harvey dent- now he is workin’ his way to evil. Perhaps even his evil self is now dead as well) and Batman is still alive and good, so why not let the people believe the truth? Why not let them keep hope in someone who is still around? I just don’t get it.

It’ll be an evening Avatar marathon for me. I need to catch up on Thursday and Friday’s new episodes, and the finale is 4 episodes long.
I hope it’s really not the end of the series :(. I hope there is another twist like last season when they lost the Battle during the day of Black Sun…
I guess Shyamalan is making an Avatar movie. This makes me both very excited and very nervous. If he does a botch job I am going to break his writing hand.

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Writer’s Block: You, the Movie

July 15, 2008
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I just wanted to answer this for the fun of it!

My life movie would be somewhat like Garden State, except without the familial issues. I think it would just have the mood of Garden State, really.
I don’t just say that because I like that movie. I actually don’t watch it. I’ve seen it a couple times and I can’t see it again- something about it really sets off my depression. I swear they put subliminal messages in there so that people watching it will have some sort of notion of what depression is like. Either that or Zach Braff=amaziiiing. Am I right? I freakin’ love Zach Braff. I think he is genius.

Anyway, I have no clue who would play me. When I was in eighth grade I took a Seventeen (er something) quiz that said my star personality match was Neve Campbell. ……haha. Just so you know, if I had the choice Neve Campbell would *not* be playing me. There’s no one out there who really looks like me, either. Well, putting looks and personality aside (for the most part), I think I would choose either Natalie Portman or Kira Knightley.

Don’t even ask me to begin to put together a cast for the people in my life… that would take too much thought and time.
Well, OK, I’ll tell you the FIRST people who pop into my head. Please disregard these celebrity’s looks and personalities: there is always ACTING and makeup! 🙂

DAD: Robery Downey Jr.
MOM: Can’t think of anyone right now.
MATT: Perhaps Zach Braff
JACOB: a young Jack Black (hehe)
BEN: Seth Green
JAMIE: *scratches head* shoot I dono

OK, I’m done with that.


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The Happening

June 14, 2008
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Meh, The Happening sucked.
My husband and brother LOVED it and I have NO CLUE how.
It was just mediocre, a disappointment. Some of the dying scenes were cool, like when guys were jumping off the construction building- that was kind of eerie.
But the characters were poorly developed- I didn’t care if they lived or died! The love relationship between Mark Walberg and Zooey was supposed to be the heart of the movie, and it was weak. EVERYONE’S acting sounded like they were reading from cue cards, no joke- even Mark’s (though I’ve never been particularly fond of his acting anyway). Shyamalan’s script writing seems to be going downhill! This movie was a far cry from the quality of Sixth Sense (which I still LOVE to watch).
Anyway, that’s my amateur review!

But I got to sit with my JamieBabe and we got yelled at for talking (by my husband). Being yelled at for talking at inappropriate times is something that Jame and I have mastered since about, mmm, first grade or so, I’d say.
And there was some guy raving in the hallway in his Big Bad A voice before the movie started, “Man, this betta not be no Lady in the Water ‘relse I’m gettin my NINE dollars back, shyiiiit.”

Oh, frickin man I can’t believe I just wrote about that guy. I don’t get out much anymore!

Double stuffed Oreos dipped in milk are calling out my name. They want to go to a nice warm place called “My Belly” and then be dispersed as fat throughout my body. That sounds so nice I can’t resist.


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June 11, 2008
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My big blue eyed baby:

We are going to go see The Strangers AGAIN tonight…
Jessie gets into the Lynox free and her and Stephan wanted to see it.
which is cool with me- it was a good movie and I just wanna get outta the house.
Ben’s mom is watching Adry. Every momma needs a break!

So, every time I play with Adryel he pukes ALL over me and ruins my outfit. Not only that, he thinks it is HILARIOUS. He laughs at me. He doesn’t do this to anyone else. Just me. Little punk.

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Baby, you are so worth it.

December 10, 2007
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My brother posted this video on his MySpace.  I thought it was cute, so I thought I would share it, too.
-Baz Luhrmann’s Sunscreen

Now’s the time when I complain about pain like an old lady (but hey, what else are journals good for if not for some venting now and again?):
My back hurts SOOOOO bad!  I can’t stand it!  It’s not my lower back that’s causing me the most trouble- it’s my mid back, a little above my waist.  It’s driving me crazy.  I still get sinus headaches every night, and I think I have a cavity or two.  It hurts to eat hard food or drink cold liquids on the right side of my mouth :-(.  I haven’t had any teeth problems in YEARS (since I was a little kid) so I HOPE it’s just a cavity, though I don’t really remember what one feels like.  I need to get to a dentist.  Also, everything is a pain to do now- get up off the couch, lay down, sit up, roll over, bend down to get something, put on my shoes, etc.  I can’t sit through a movie anymore without feeling cramped. I can’t even sit through a church service.  My whole body is just achy.  I really need to get into some maternity yoga to see if I feel better.  I can get some yoga tapes from the library, but I have to wait until I get my address changed on my license before the library will let me get a card :-(.

Looking on the bright side:
Everything is worth it.
I hardly care that I am fat and sluggish and I have a hampster face.  I don’t care that I can’t paint my toenails and I haven’t shaved my legs in days.  My hair looks like crap and who knows when I will ever fit back into all of my cute clothes, but I don’t care.  I feel beautiful because I am going to be a MOTHER- what is more beautiful than that?  Soon I will hold MY baby in my arms and I’ll be able to pour out ALL of my love and hold nothing back.  He’ll rely on me for everything and for some reason that doesn’t scare me in the least because I will love nothing more than to drop everything for him.  He is worth ANYTHING I will go through, and everything I will give up.
I still LOVE feeling him kick.  He’s getting stronger and stronger.  I can feel his punches now, too!  Sometimes I feel so many kicks and punches at once, and on opposite sides of my belly, that I am certain he is doing things in there that are humanly impossible.  He is a stubborn little guy, though!  It seems that he only kicks for me, and he never does it when I want him to so that Ben (or anyone else) can feel him or see him.  Oh, but as soon as we are alone he is all over the place, and I can see a thousand ripples all over my abdomen.  Oh well, at least I get to enjoy it :-).  And I do enjoy it very much.  When I wake up at nights and he is moving, I stay awake just to feel him.  It’s the best tangible connection I have to him right now, and so it reminds me that he’s REALLY gunna be here soon!  🙂

Off subject:
I want to see the movie Juno.  I think it looks really good.  When does it come out, anyone know?

I’m going to go get myself a SHOWER.  Then maybe snuggle in bed with some cranberry juice and watch tv ’til Benny gets home.  Then who knows.


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